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All riding hats must have the CE mark under EU law to show customers that the hat complies with EU safety standards. As of 2016, the BSEN1384 specification is to be withdrawn, and hats with this mark alone will not meet the latest safety standards.

For now, there is no need to panic. These hats are still available on the market today and can be worn up until 2016. But for riders who compete or take part in affiliated disciplines may be asked to reconsider their choice of hat come 2016.

The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) however, have announced that there is no need to change your hat if you do not compete. Hats with the BSEN1834 have saved countless lives and reduced riders injuries on many occasions in the past meaning there is no need to be put off by a hat with this safety standard.

Your hat will still meet the safety standards if it marked PAS015 (2011).

Do You Need To Buy A New Riding Hat?


If your current hat only the BSEN1384 standard and you plan to complete in 2016.

If your pony club or riding club no longer permits the use of riding hats with only the BSEN1384 safety standard.


If you are not competing.
If your current hat has PAS015 (2011) along with BSEN1384.


Which Hats Are Still Up To Standard?

Champion CPX3000

Champion Ventair Deluxe Helmet

Junior Pro Plus Skull

Junior X-Air Plus Riding Helmet (Dazzle)

Charles Owen 4 Star

Young Rider Skull Hat

Charles Owen Competitor

Champion Ventair Deluxe

Junior X-Air Plus Riding Helmet