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With such a huge variety of horse feeds on the market today, it is possible to tailor the individual horses diet to meet all his nutritional requirements in one bucket! There are feeds that can be fed to specific ages, specific breeds, for different disciplines, its a never ending list! Because of the huge variety, knowing what to feed your horse can be mind boggling. And with the introduction of feed balancers just over 5 years ago, it can all be a little overwhelming. This page guides you as to what feed balancers are available and what could be the best option for your horse or pony.

What is a Concentrated Feed Balancer?

A concentrated balancer can be fed in tiny portions, often alongside forage to supply the nutrients other feeds lack. Balancers can be used within all horses diets regardless of discipline, age or weight. However different balancers will suit different horses and ponies. Concentrated balancers are the perfect solution for keeping your good-doer horse or pony healthy without having to feed large quantities of food. With most concentrated balancers, you only feed around 100g per 100kg of body weight (100g=1 handful), so you can feed small quantities at a time without any additional calories and still know that your horse and pony is getting all the vits and mins he needs.
Balancers are also a great source of protein, making them especially beneficial for horses in need of muscle maintenance or who are recovering from an injury. Feed balancers can also be used when forage is of low quality, or a horse is showing bad body condition. More times than not, horses and ponies nutritional requirements are not met through just forage alone. Balancers can counteract these deficiencies and ensure your horse or pony is receiving all the vitamins, minerals and protein he needs to live a happy and healthy life.

How do I know if I need a Feed Balancer?

If you have a horse or pony that is prone to gaining weight, but you still want to ensure he is getting all the nutrients he needs, a balancer is the way forward. You can get low-calorie balancers that still supply the horse with all the vitamins and minerals he needs without the additional calories.
Opposingly, if you have a horse whose condition isn't as you want it to be, a balancer can aid towards promoting the horses healthy coat, their weight and generally promote condition. You can select a balancer that can give your horse energy (calories) or one with calming properties to avoid any over excitement.

Feeding a balancer will not harm your horse, it will only have benefits. If you are considering feeding a balancer you can read about the large variety we stock below to see which would be most suitable for your horse or pony or you can give us a call on 01454 228109 for more advice.


TopSpec Joint Balancer

TopSpec joint feed balancer is a pelleted, non-heating balancer formulated to bring the benefits of any other top-specification feed balancer with added joint supplements. The joint balancer is the ideal solution for meeting all your horses nutritional requirements as well as the recommended daily dose of glucosimine to keep his joints supple and healthy. Joint Feed Balancer also contains MSM and sulphur to aid towards optimum function in tissues such as tendons, ligaments and muscles. This balancer is the ultimate option for any horse or pony, whatever load of work, to keep them healthy and supple.

TopSpec Lite Balancer

TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer is a balancer specially formulated for good-doers. This balancer can be fed as part of a calorie controlled diet. Lite balancer is a non-heating formula free from cereals and with low levels of starch and sugar. Each pellet is full of essential vitamins and minerals to promote general health without the worry of promoting body condition. This exceptionally low calorie feed means you can still treat you horse or pony by feeding a handful of this balancer a day whilst meeting his daily nutritional requirements!


Baileys No.14 Lo-cal

Baileys no.14 Lo-cal comes in pellet form, its low in starch, low in sugar and also low in calories! Its the perfect feed balancer for lamintics or good-doers, its high level of protein aids towatds muscle repair and growth making it an ideal addition to a horses feed whether they are on box rest or in light to medium work. Lo-cal balancer is packed full of vits and mins to promote all round health as well as biotin, methionine, calcium and zinc to promote healthy hoof growth and repair and Yea-Sacc® which aids towards digestive health.
The Lo-cal balancer can be fed by hand or mixed with forage such as a light chaff or speedi-beet to create an all-round healthy meal for your horse or pony.

TopSpec Comprehensive Balancer

Comprehensive feed balancer is a very palatable pelleted balancer designed to be fed as a top up to promote optimum muscle development and top-line. Formulated without cereal grains and is low in starch and sugar to reduce the risk of your horse heating up. This balancer is packed full of nutrients and has generous levels of Vitamin E and selenium which are vital anti-oxidants for your horses diet. This balancer also features MSM for healthy joints, high levels of B vitamins for efficient energy metabolism and 2 advanced probiotics to promote a healthy gut, optimize fibre digestion and maintain a healthy immune system. It is, as Topspec state, peace of mind in one bag!


NAF Pink Powder

NAF Pink Powder is a concentrated feed supplement for condition. It is a unique formula which consists of live yeast to promote healthy digestion and probiotics to optimize the natural digestive process. Horses who struggle to maintain their weight or are in need of some condition will benefit from a daily scoop of Pink Powder. Horses with healthy digestive systems allows them to fully utilize his diet and gain all the nutrition possible from his food. As well as benefits to the digestive system, the added vits and mins will promote a shiny coat and healthy hooves. Horses that are feeling better within often perform better, that's why Pink Powder is the best option for those who need the extra nutrition whilst in work.

Topspec Anti-lam

TopSpec Anti-lam is a balancer specifically designed for those horses and ponies who are prone to or are recovering from laminitus. Anti-lam ensures your horse is getting all the nutrients he needs in his diet without you having to worry about sugar or starch levels. Antilam is very low in calories and high in fibre! If you have an overweight horse or pony this balancer would be a suitable option, made from a combination of multi vits and mins and should be fed alongside minimum amounts of forage. If your horse or pony is severely overweight, restricted grazing and a handful of Anti-lam balancer a day as a treat is a great way to watch the calories whilst ensuring they get all the nutrients they need.