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Micklem Bridle - Try Before You Buy!

The Micklem bridle - winner of the 2008 Beta International innovation award - is a bold new step in humane comfort bridles. It is designed to fit the shape of the horse's skull and can be arranged in various ways to best suit the horse and work involved. The Micklem bridle is manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and comes with a full set of accessories as standard. You can find various explanatory videos of the Micklem bridle on Youtube here. You can now try the Micklem multibridle at home on your horse with our 'Try Before You Buy' loan.

Why Do We Like the Micklem Bridle?

It relieves pressure on the poll and ears
It eliminates pressure on the sensitive cheek tissue and molar teeth, preventing rubbing and bruising
It places no excess pressure on the tongue, making it perfect for soft mouthed horses
It eliminates the soft tissue and nerve damage that can be caused by traditional drop, crank or flash nosebands
It provides essential comfort to the horse while providing a high standard of control to the rider!

Why Try Before You Buy?

It is a cost effective method of trying an expensive investment
There is no obligation to buy
It's completely free on return of the bridle!

Terms and Conditions: Pinkers Countrystore, it's employees and associates are not liable for any damage or injury to persons, animals or property resulting from the use of or loan of this item. Full price of item must be paid at the commencement of the loan, a full refund will be given on return of the undamaged item. Any damage to or loss of the item while on loan whether intentional or unintentional will result in the retention of the customer payment - should this happen the customer is entitled to keep the damaged item. The customer is entitled to use the item for 2 days with the item being returned to the store before closing time on the 3rd day. To qualify for a 'try before you buy' loan the customer must provide their full name, address and contact telephone number and sign a form consenting to our terms and conditions and accepting full responsibility for the item while in their possession. You can find the full terms and conditions here.