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The Patrick Pinker Group - Saddles

Sharon Church is our qualified saddle fitter, please call 07771690778 if you wish to make an appointment.


It is my belief that a correctly fitting saddle is the most important piece of equipment you can provide for your horse to ensure maximum comfort. This in turn will provide you with a sound platform on which to improve the partnership and performance between you and your horse.


I am a Society of Master Saddlers Registered Qualified Saddle Fitter and Saddler (not to be confused with a master saddler) and as such, follow the code of conduct set out by the SMS to maintain the standards set.


Call out charges start at £30 locally. Depending on your location, the call out fee will be confirmed when an appointment is made. Any further work such as flocking or adjusting would be discussed at the time.


Firstly, you need to have sufficient time available for the fitting: a new saddle fitting requires 1.5 – 2 hours and a saddle check approximately 1 hour depending on the amount of work required.

A saddle fitting involves information gathering about you and your horse as well as assessing the horse’s conformation to achieve the best fit possible. Depending on the horse’s age, fitness, and general body shape the best fit will be achieved. (Sometimes this will include the use of pads to achieve the correct balance and then as improvements are made and the body shape changes, the pads can be adjusted or removed all together). A selection of suitable saddles will then be ridden and assessed in all paces (and jumped if necessary) and if there is more than one that fits the horse, the rider can then decide which they are most comfortable in.

If you then purchase or order a saddle I will make any necessary recommendations and discuss an aftercare plan to review or check the saddle. From new, a traditionally flocked panel will settle and mould to the horse within 2 – 3 months and may then need adjusting. A CAIR or air (FLAIR) filled panel also needs to be checked regularly and adjusted as the horse changes either through workload or seasonal weight gain or loss.

Your saddle should be checked at least once a year but from new, or for a young horse or a horse where a fitness plan is put in place then more checks will be necessary.

I can also bring a selection of accessories to the fitting so if there is anything else you require then it can be brought to the fitting appointment.

I am happy to liaise with other equestrian professionals that may be involved with your horse such as your vet, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Instructor. If there is a particular problem that you are trying to correct or improve then it helps to work towards the same goal.

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