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S-60 Setter

Dimensions: Height - 2.30m 915"
Depth - 1.27m 50"
Width - 2.54m 100"
Trolleys: 2 x 15 Trays
Controller: Analog or Digital **
Fans: 2
Turning: Electro-Mechanical
Heating: 4 x 720 Watts/Htr
Cooling: Water Coils
Humidity: Atomising Nozzle
Electrical: 200-240 Volts, 50 Hz

S 60 Setter - This setter is available for chicken, pheasant, or partridge and can be used as a single or multi-stage incubator. It is available with either analogue or digital control systems. As with all Bristol Incubator machines it has been designed so that it is easy to operate and maintain, with low energy operating costs. Hygiene and safety were a byword in the design of the setter; it therefore comes manufactured from high-grade, food-safe materials. The S 60 is supplied with an Electro-Mechanical turning system and the setter trolley has 60 trays, providing space for a total of 7920 Chicken, 12000 Pheasant or 15600 Partridge. The ventilation system can be adjusted to suit local conditions thereby enabling you to maximise the chick hatch; heating is provided by electrical elements, cooling being dealt with by water-coils. Each Bristol Incubator machine comes with an automatic humidity system, the humidity being provided by a self-cleaning Atomising Nozzle.

* We would advise a minimum clearance of 600 mm on the height of the setter.

** When ordering this setter please indicate which control system you require.

Bristol Model S-60 Multi-stage Setter For Chickens


Bristol Model S-60 Multi-stage Setter For Pheasant