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Game & Poultry Rearing Bedding

For helping you to rear quality birds - the best shredded paper in the country.

We know it's the best, the only paper bedding brand new directly off the press, not made from paper returns or waste paper. This is manufactured at source at the printers factory, newspaper surplus to the print trade's requirements.

  • Non toxic
  • Not coated
  • Dust extracted
  • No non-absorbent gloss papers
  • No staples or other foreign matter

Absorbency - Field tests at the University of Florida found that newsprint bedding will absorb almost twice as much water as straw bedding. The University of Vermont tested water absorbency rates of ground newspaper at four to six times greater than dry sawdust and ten times greater than straw or hay.

Fertiliser - Newsprint contains organic matter that makes it equal or superior to other kinds of bedding in fertilising soils. When mixed with watery substances, paper disintegrates into pulp fibres, so newsprint bedding readily mixes into manure slurry.

Other Considerations - The University of Minnesota studied various types of bedding materials and determined that environmental bacteria grew most slowly in sawdust and newspaper.

Easy to store - All bales are uniform poly-wrapped and stack easily.

For a warm and healthy environment for your birds use Betta-Bed

Suitable bedding for all kinds of animals. Please don't hesitate - All enquiries welcome.

Carriage extra.