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Shires Temporary Shoe Boot

Shires temporary shoe boot is a short-term replacement for horses who have lost a shoe to protect their tender frogs. This easy pull on shoe boot can be secured with strong nylon straps. Its sturdy and durable enough for your horse to be turned out in and doesn't harm the hoof wall.
This boot is sized like a horse shoe so consukt your farrier before purchasing a size. Sizes for the Temporary Shoe Boot (internal measurements - width x toe to heel measurement):

00 (XS) 10cm x 11cm
0 (S) 11cm x 12cm
1 (M) 12cm x 13cm
2 (L) 13cm x 14cm
3 (XL) 14cm x 15cm

Please call 01454 228109 to place an order.

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This Product is not available to order online.