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Gamebird Tonic 1 ltr


Gamebird Tonic is a comprehensive liquid supplement to support the growth and development of today's Gamebirds.
This Tonic provides high levels of antioxidants, combined with nucleotides and amino acids, helping to support the immune system of the bird.
To support the Gamebird Tonic and overall gamebird health during rearing, it is also recommended that you use Solulyte.

Dilute 100ml to every 100ltr of clean drinking water.

Administer to chicks & poults:-
Day old to 5 days
3 days prior to post transfer
3-5 days during diet change
At any other times of stress. disease challenge and changing environment

Administer to Rearing Birds:-
3 days prior & post medication
At any other tomes of stress, disease challenge and changing environment

Administer to Laying Birds:-
For 2 days every 1-2 weeks, particularly at time of stress or disease challenge.
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