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OCTOBER- Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream


Keep your horse protected this winter through wet and muddy conditions with Nettex Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream. The speacially formulated cream helps create a barrier against nasty bacteria found through the wet and the mud preventing problems such as cracked heels, mud fever, rashs and dryed skin. The highly effective solution can be applied regularley to prevent the condition from starting or used on the effected areas to keep it under control providing waterproof protection for up to 7 days. The advanced formula will moisturise and maintain elasticity of the skin to prevent cracking or chapping commonly found in the cold weather. Muddy Marvel also soothes, disinfects and assists in skin re-growth ensuring your horses skin will stay soft and heal any scabs. Winter horse care regime can be hard but the Nettex muddy marvel range could go a long way in helping keep your horse healthy and happy throughtout the winter months.

Avaliable in a 300ml or 600ml tub starting at just 5. Grab yours today and get ahead on your horses skin health. To buy a 600ml tub for just 9.45 click here..

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