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Nettex Gut Balancer 750g


The Nettex Gut Balancer is an affordable and easy option to keep your horse happy, healthy and in peak condition from the inside out. The balancer can be used to maintain or enhance feed digestibility, palatability, fibre digestion and promoting healthy skin and coat condition. Digestive problems are common in horses and ponies, the gut balancer can be used to relieve any pain or discomfort in this area. The Nettex Gut balancer can also help horses in stressful situations such as travelling and competing, the balancer dramatically reduces acid levels minimizing the risk of gastric related problems. Its probiotic and prebiotic natural yeast formulation helps balance and enhance digestibility for all round health and vitality. Regardless of your horse’s age, type, discipline or workload the Gut balancer will ensure to keep your horse comfortable in his everyday life.

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