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Nettex Mini Range

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Introducing the new Nettex mini range! Small bottle, small price but a huge range. The Nettex Mini Range have an assortment of 14 different sprays and shampoos- all essentials for your grooming box this summer. The compact bottles are easy and convieniant to travel with, making them ideal for show kits, horse boxes and easy for children to use. As well as space saving the mini Nettex range is BIG on qulaity and value!

The Nettex mini range consists of a variety of shampoo's and sprays including...

Citronella no rinse Wash

Quick and easy to use making it ideal for fidgety horses who dont like bath times or in between competition use. Contains an advanced no rinse formulation so theres no need to give your horse a full bath and can be left to dry natrually. Revitalises coat condition after exercise or a long hot day out in the field.

Lavender no rinse Wash

Another no rinse wash to remove sweat, dirt and grease from your horses coat. The Lavender extract helps to calm and relax your horse after strenuous exercise and help soothe minor knocks, grazes and bruising.

Peppermint no rinse Shampoo

Peppermint no-rinse wash is the same formula as the the citronella and the lavender washes except the refreshing peppermint flavour will revitalise your horse after strenuous exercise, competition or travelling.

Fly Repellant Shampoo

Nettex Fly Repellant Shampoo is D.E.E.T based, low foaming and easy to rinse. Gives added protection when used in conjunction with Nettex Fly Repellent.

Fly Repellant Spray

High strength D.E.E.T based formulation with added moisturisers and conditioners providing up to 24 hour protection. Perfect for sensitive skinned horses and ponies. Provides protection against flys and biting midges.

Coat Shine Spray

Ultimate coat dressing to produce a stunning, high shine finish to all coat types. Non-oily formulation, seals and coats hair, repels dust, dirt and prevents staining.

Plaiting Spray

Unique formula that offers the perfect grip to make plaiting manes and tails easier. Simply brushes through after removing plaits to leave hair soft and manageable. Long lasting - a little goes a long way.

Traditional Tack Cleaning Spray

A simple to use, spray on wipe off quick and efficient tack cleaner to remove dirt, sweat and grease. Antibacterial agents prevent cross infection from shared tack and prevent build-up of mould. Weatherproofs leather and does not rot stitching.

Seven-day Mud Away

Prevents mud sticking to the coat allowing quick removal of soil by simple brushing. Provides a barrier against mud related conditions less washing legs in the winter. Can be used all year round application required only once a week.

Only 4.99 each!

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