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Ice-Vibe Hock Boot

The Ice-Vibe hock wrap contain all the same features as the Ice-Vibe boot but specialy formed to fit around the horses hocks. The Ice-Vibe hock wraps are a rechargable wrap that combines the effects of vibrating and cooling to reduce swelling and help ease soreness in the hocks. The Ice-Vibe hock wrap is ideal for competition horses and the horse with damaged joints and/or prone or arthuritus. The hock wrap can be used before or after activity to prepare the joints or treat them. The vibration stimulates blood flow ensuring joints and limbs are healthy.
Each set contains 2x wraps, 2x cold packs, 2x integrated cold panels, 1x battery charger and 4x universal adapters. Spare parts are sold seperatley.
Code: Ice-Vibe Hock Boot
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