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Ice-Vibe Boot

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The Ice-Vibe Boot - an Innovative Therapy Boot.

The Ice-Vibe boot from Horseware Ireland is an innovative boot that (as the name suggests!) contains ice packs and vibrating motors to massage and cool your horse's legs before or after exercise or competition to prevent injury to the tendons and ligaments. The ice packs can also be warmed to relieve arthritis in older horses or to prepare the legs for exercise. They are used by top competitors including Clement McMahon (International Showjumper), Oliver Townend (International Eventer), and Claire Tomlinson (Beaufort Polo Club). The Ice-Vibe boot has been used and recommended by vets. These boots are easy to use, portable, and ideal for use on both injured and sound horses.

How Does the Ice-Vibe Boot Work?

The Ice-Vibe boot uses vibration therapy to stimulate blood flow to the tendons and ligaments. This is beneficial in horses who have been involved in strenuous activities, ensuring they do not get stiff as a result of activity and also horses with recent or healed tendon and ligament injuries. The increased blood flow to the legs promotes healing, breaks down adhesions and inhibits the formation of scar tissue. Vibration therapy and massage helps to avoid scar tissue formation because the movement breaks up scar tissue while it is forming, while not harming healthy tissue development in any way. This means that your horse will be less likely to suffer future injury due to scar tissue and weakness. The cooling effect of the cold packs used after exercise or while injured reduces inflammation and aids lymph circulation, ensuring toxins are removed quickly and fully. Research also shows that immobility can cause tissue degeneration, so these boots are ideal for use on horses at box rest, as the increased blood flow fights this effect.

When used with warm packs before exercise, the Ice-Vibe boot can help to prevent injury by ensuring the tendons and ligaments are not stiff and are fully warmed up.

Why Use the Ice-Vibe Boot

The Ice-Vibe boot is an affordable therapy boot that is recommended by professionals, is based on scientific research and is brought to you by a reputable brand. Horseware won the Innovation Award at BETA International 2012 for these boots, and they are used by and endorsed by the following equine professionals and competitors:
  • Clement McMahon - International Showjumper, CHIO Rotterdam 2012 Team Ireland competitor
  • Oliver Townend - International Eventer Dermott Lennon - International Showjumper
  • Doug Payne - International Eventer
  • Sam Watson - International Eventer
  • John Oxx - Group 1 Winning Trainer
  • Louise Boakes - Assistant Trainer
  • Andrew Balding - Group 1 Winning Trainer
  • Charlie Swan - Champion Jockey and trainer
  • Paul Nolan - Race Horse Trainer
  • Emma Lavelle - National Hunt Trainer
  • Niamh Drea - Medicina Veterinaria Baccalaureate (Ireland)
  • Kim Rohan - Amateur Event Rider

Each pack includes 2 Ice-Vibe Boots, 2 cold packs, 2 vibrating panels,2 batteries, 1 battery charger, and 3 adapters for universal use. Spare parts and rechargable batteries are available separately.

So why don't you see what the Ice-Vibe Boot can do for you?

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