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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
Zzz z £22.46
YOUNG RIDER SKULL Charles Owen Young Rider Vented Jockey P.O.A.
xfull leather headc Extra Full Leather Headcollar P.O.A.
WWSHRTA Woof Wear Adult Short Boots P.O.A.
WWPADDOCKBOOT Woof Wear Paddock Boots P.O.A.
WW Travel Boot P Woof Wear Travel Boot Pony P.O.A.
WW Travel Boot HH Woof Wear Travel Boot Heavy Hunter P.O.A.
WW Travel Boot F Woof Wear Travel Boot Full P.O.A.
WW Tail Guard Woof Wear Tail Guard Neoprene P.O.A.
WW Tail Guard Woof Wear Tail Guard £15.83
WW Tail Bag Woof Wear Tail Bag P.O.A.
WW Super Stretch Neo Woof Wear Super Stretch Neo Glove P.O.A.
WW Smart Phone Glove Woof Wear Smart Phone Riding Glove P.O.A.
WW Pro tendon Woof Wear Pro Tendon Boot P.O.A.
WW PRO FETLOCK Woof Wear Pro Fetlock Boot P.O.A.
WW Power Stretch Woof Wear Power Stretch Glove P.O.A.
WW Polo Bandages Woof Wear Polo Bandages P.O.A.
WW Long riding socks Woof Wear Long Riding Socks P.O.A.
WW LONG BOOTS Woof Wear Adults Long Boots P.O.A.
WW KIDS SHORT BOOTS Woof Wear Kids Short Boots P.O.A.
WW Double Lock Woof Wear Double Lock Brushing Boots P.O.A.
WW Club Over reach Woof Wear Club Overreach Boots P.O.A.
Wool/Silk Tie Wool Silk Tie P.O.A.
wood boot jack Wooden Boot Jack P.O.A.
WNET-012 Wire Netting 1800mm x 75mm x 1mm x 50mtr roll £36.00
WNET-007 Wire Netting 1050mm x 31mm x 1mm 50m Roll £46.16
WNET-001 Wire Netting 1200mm x 31mm x 1mm x 50m Roll £51.83
WIRE-007 Straining Wire 2.5mm 500 metres Roll £27.90
WIRE-006 Fencing Pliers £10.22
WIRE-003 Wire Twisting Tool £9.90
WIRE-001 Wire Ties 14 inch £16.65
WINDERMERE Ariat Ladies Windermere P.O.A.
Wild bird feeder Wild Bird Feeder £1.71
Whistle and Lanyard Whistle and Lanyard Set £5.59
Wessexpurpheadcollar Shires Wessex Purple Headcollar Set P.O.A.
WEMBLEY REINS Jeffries Wembley Reins P.O.A.
WEMBLEY PRO BRDL Jeffries Wembley Pro Bridle P.O.A.
Wednesbruy Hook Wednesbury Hook P.O.A.
Weatherbeeta Travel Weatherbeeta Travel Boots P.O.A.
WB REFLECTIVE DC WeatherBeeta Reflective Dog Coat £14.16
WB OPEN FRONT BOOT Weatherbeeta Lite Open Front Boot P.O.A.
WB LW GENERO Weatherbeeta Genero Lightweight Standard Neck Rug P.O.A.
WB EXERCISE BOOT Weatherbeeta Exercise Boot P.O.A.
WATERPROOFSADDLECVR Waterproof Saddle Cover P.O.A.
Wash and Show NAF Wash and Show 500ml £6.08
Waltham Holdall Toggi Waltham Holdall £120.79
Voucher Gift Voucher P.O.A.
Voucher Gift Voucher P.O.A.
Voucher Gift Voucher P.O.A.
Vitamin E & Selnium NAF Vitamin E, Selenium & Lysine 1kg £16.75
VIKING BOOTS Gumleaf Viking Boots P.O.A.
VIERZONORD Le Chameau Vierzonord P.O.A.
VENTAIR RIDING HAT Champion Ventair Riding Hat P.O.A.
VENTAIR DELUXE Champion Ventair Deluxe Jockey Helmet P.O.A.
VELVETHATCVR Velvet Hat Cover P.O.A.
value meaty strips Meaty Strips for Dogs £3.50
Tuffa Steel Toe Tuffa Steel Toe Riding Boots P.O.A.
TUFFA EASY PEASY PO Tuffa Easy Peasy Pull on Chaps P.O.A.
TubTrug-Small TubTrug-Small 14 litres P.O.A.
TubTrug-Shallow 15L TubTrug-Shallow 15 litres P.O.A.
TubTrug-Medium TubTrug-Medium 26 litres P.O.A.
TSTCL Top Spec TopChop Lite £10.31
TSPC-001 Transparent Shelter Pen Cover £95.00
TSLITE Top Spec Lite Balancer £20.75
TSJOINT Top Spec Joint Balancer £35.95
TSCC Top Spec Cool Condition Cubes £13.85
TSBAL Top Spec Comprehensive Balancer £39.95
TSANTI TopSpec Antilam £26.95
TSALFA Top Spec TopChop Alfafa £10.35
TRYB-001 400mm Chick Starter Tray £2.12
TRPT-001 Pigeon Trap (Large) £77.75
TRPH-001 Re-Entry Pophole - With Flaps £10.76
TRLM-002 Larssen Magpie Trap Side Entry £80.58
TRLM-001A Larssen Trap Fold Flat Top Entry £51.30
TRIZONE ALLSRT BTS Trizone Allsports Boot £31.25
Trigger Hook Trigger Hook P.O.A.
TRAP-014 Monarch Type Multicatch Rat Trap £13.95
TRAP-012 Portatunnel with Mark 4 rat trap £15.84
TRAP-011 14inch Family Rat Trap £12.60
TRAP-010 Poison Hopper Anti D/Mse Door £12.60
TRAP-009 Fox Trap £58.50
TRAP-008 Pheasant Catcher £71.99
TRAP-007 Scissor Mole Trap £3.47
TRAP-006 Springer No 6 Rabbit/Mink Trap £7.97
TRAP-005 Springer No 4 Rat Trap £6.75
TRAP-004 Mink, Rat, Squirrel Cage Trap Single Entry £14.36
TRAP-003 Mink, Rat, Squirrel Cage Trap Double Entry £26.64
TRAP-002 Rabbit Cage Trap £20.70
TRAP-001 Feral Cat Cage Trap £40.46
Traditional Shiatsu Traditional Shiatsu For Horses P.O.A.
Trad Saddle Rack Saddle Rack P.O.A.
TOGPARIS Toggi Paris Polo P.O.A.
TOGGITROPEA Toggi Tropea Rugby Shirt P.O.A.
TOGGITERRACINA Toggi Terracina Sweatshirt P.O.A.
TOGGITERMOLI Toggi Termoli Polo P.O.A.
ToggiStarlightSocks Toggi Kids Dream Socks P.O.A.
TOGGISAPPORO Toggi Sapporo Softshell Jacket P.O.A.
TOGGIROANOKE Toggi Roanoke Boots P.O.A.
TOGGIRAVELLO Toggi Ravello Polo P.O.A.
TOGGIRAVANNA Toggi Ravanna Polo Shirt P.O.A.
TOGGIOSLO Toggi Oslo Technical Top P.O.A.
TOGGIOPAL Toggi Opal Jumper P.O.A.
TOGGIMONDELLO Toggi Mondello Gilet P.O.A.
TOGGIMARSHALL Toggi Marshall Fleece P.O.A.
TOGGILOLETA Toggi Loleta Shirt P.O.A.
TOGGICHANDLER Toggi Chandler Boots P.O.A.
TOGGICALGARY Toggi Calgary Riding Boots P.O.A.
TOGGICALEDON Toggi Caledon Mid Boots P.O.A.
TOGGICABRILLA Toggi Cabrilla Shirt P.O.A.
TOGGIBYRON Toggi Byron Shirt P.O.A.
TOGGIBARCELONA Toggi Barcelona Sweatshirt P.O.A.
TOGGIANZIO Toggi Anzio Jacket P.O.A.
TOGGIAMALFI Toggi Amalfi Fleece P.O.A.
Toggi eques riding b Toggi Equestrian Ladies Riding Boot £33.29
Toggi Derby Jods Toggi Derby Jodhpurs P.O.A.
TOG-RC-SCKS Toggi Rough Country Socks P.O.A.
THRM-021 Humidity Thermometer 75-95 Deg £77.70
THRM-020 Temp Thermometer 90-105 Deg £77.70
THRM-018 100.5 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-017 100 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-016 99.5 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-014 99 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-013 98.5 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-012 98 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-008 88 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-007 84 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-006 82 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-005 80 Deg F Contact Thermometer £37.54
THRM-003 Angle Therm 8 inch x 3 inch £45.36
THRM-002 Angle Therm 8 inch x 3 inch £45.36
Thinning Scissors Thinning Scissors P.O.A.
Thinning Comb Plastic Thinning Comb P.O.A.
TG COB GIRTH Thorowgood Cob Girth P.O.A.
TEST01 Test Product £24.00
TEK GRIP GLOVES Ariat Tek Grip Gloves P.O.A.
Tail Comb Metal Tail Comb and Pick P.O.A.
TACK TRAY COVER Tack Tray Cover P.O.A.
TACK TRAY Tack Tray P.O.A.
Tack Conditioner CDM Tack Conditioner P.O.A.
Syn Noseband Sleeve Shires Noseband Sleeve £4.17
SWCE-007 Hatchery Plastic Overshoe £4.35
SWCE-002 BioShield P 5ltrs £19.39
Surcingles Surcingle P.O.A.
SUPAFIT Dublin Supafit Jodhpurs £20.00
SUPA SHAPE IT Dublin Supa Shape It Breeches P.O.A.
SUPA EMBRACE Dublin Supa Embrace Breeches P.O.A.
Suet logs x6 Pack of 6 Suet Logs £1.63
Suet Log feeder Suet Log Feeder £3.33
stud kit in box Stud kit in box £17.49
Stubbs Stable Mate L Stubbs Stable Mate Long Handle P.O.A.
Stubbs Stable Mate Stubbs Stable Mate Short Handle P.O.A.
Stubbs Rock N Roll Stubbs Rock N Roll P.O.A.
STRY-006 Chicken/Mallard Set Tray (132 Egg) £14.50
STRY-005 Turkey/Duck Set Tray (93 Egg) £15.00
STRY-001 Pheasant Setting Tray(203 Egg) £19.00
STPF-002 Position Finder (1-12) £18.52
Stock Shampoo Gold Label TeaTree Stock Shampoo P.O.A.
Stock Shampoo Gold Label Herbal Stock Shampoo P.O.A.
Stock Shampoo Gold Label Medicated Stock Shampoo £4.13
Stock pin Stock Pin P.O.A.
STND-002 Gun Stand Cards
(1-10) Per Set
STND-001 Gun Stand Cards
(1-10) Set Of 8
step n carry box Step 'n' Carry Grooming Box P.O.A.
Step 'n' Carry Step 'n' Carry Grooming Box £16.63
STDO-001 Owl Scarer £18.41
STDH-001 Heron Scarer £19.76
STDF-001 Falcon Scarer £20.57
STBN JUN NO5 Stubben Junior No5 Body Brush P.O.A.
STBF-002 Beater Flag Pole £1.80
STBF-001 Beater Flag £3.92
STBBN PLN BRDL Stubben Limerick Plain Bridle £106.63
Startinendurance Starting Endurance Riding P.O.A.
star clippers Star Clippers £249.17
STANDINGATT Standing Martingale Attachment P.O.A.
standing wrap Quilted Leg Wraps P.O.A.
Standing Martingale English Standing Martingale Cob and Full P.O.A.
STANCE Copra Coolstance £21.95
Stainless Bowl XL Stainless Dog Bowl Extra Large £4.16
Stainless Bowl S Stainless Dog or Cat Bowl Small £1.66
Stainless Bowl M Stainless Dog Bowl Medium £2.49
Stainless Bowl L Stainless Dog Bowl Large £3.33
Stain & odour remove Stain & Odour Remover £5.79
Spring Balance Spring Balance P.O.A.
SPEX-003 Clip-On-flexi-Spex - Laying Season Pheasant £8.19
SPEX-002 Clip-On Spex Adult £8.19
SPBEET Speedibeet £11.12
Spats Reflective Spats £4.17
SP16 Nuumed HiWither Anti Slip Saddlepad SP16 P.O.A.
SP-01 NuuMed Hi Wither Half Wool Saddlecloth P.O.A.
SP Tranquil E SP Equine Tranquil E P.O.A.
SP NaviLam O SP Equine NaviLam 'O' P.O.A.
SP Hormonise SP Equine Hormonise P.O.A.
SP Equine No Bute SP Equine No Bute P.O.A.
Sologroom Holster Sologroom Holster P.O.A.
SNTC-001 Hand Tally Counter £4.95
SNPP-002 Mini Poly Post 2ft £1.69
SNPP-001 POLY POST 33" (PK 10) £20.70
SNMM-001 Metal Mickey £18.00
SNLH-001 Larder Hooks (Pack of 10) £9.86
SNIN-002 Nail On Insulators Pack of 50 £10.31
SNIN-001 Screw In Insulators Pack of 20 £8.30
SNGW-002 Hotline Galvanised Wire 400m £45.62
SNGW-001 Hotline Galvanised Wire 200m £23.36
SNGC-002 Double Game Carrier £11.66
SNGC-001 Single Game Carrier £9.86
SNEM-001 Active Ear Muff (Bisley) P.O.A.
SNCN-002 Heavy Duty Catch Net Only £13.50
SNCN-001 Catch Net - Complete £25.20
SNCM-003 Pocket Telescopic Cartridge Magnet £7.20
SNCM-001 Telescopic Cartridge Magnet £22.50
SNBH-001 Beater Horn £21.02
SMX PRO CHOICE GIRTH SMx Professional's Choice Girth P.O.A.
SMX MERINO WOOL GRT SMx Girth with Removable Merino Wool P.O.A.
SMRT TAILS FINE RAKE Smart Tails Rake Fine Black P.O.A.
smll flral food dish Floral Pet Dish Small £3.33
SMART START TREATS Hentastic Smart Start Treats £3.33
SMART START FEEDER Hentastic Smart Start Feeder £5.83
Small pet dish Small Pet Dish £1.66
Small Dandy Brush Small Dandy Brush P.O.A.
Small Body Brush Small Body Brush P.O.A.
SLENDER JODS Dublin Slender Jodhpurs P.O.A.
SKTR Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Turkey Joint Aid £35.69
SKMTN Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Maintenance £18.99
SKMSL Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Muesli Mix £18.99
Skinneeez Plush Toy Skineeez Plush Toy £5.83
SKDR Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Duck and Rice £24.50
SKCR Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Crunchy £21.99
SIGN-019 Warning These Woodlands Are Alarmed £7.65
SIGN-013 Danger Keep Out Sign £7.65
SIGN-012 Private Fishing £7.65
SIGN-011 Please Keep Dogs On Leads £7.65
SIGN-010 Private Land Keep Off Sign £7.65
SIGN-009 Private No Fishing £7.65
SIGN-008 Keep Out Private Game Reserve £8.50
SIGN-006 Private No Admittance Sign £7.65
SIGN-005 Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted £7.65
SIGN-004 Stray Dogs Will Be Shot £8.50
SIGN-003 Beware Of The Dog £7.65
SIGN-002 Shooting In Progress Keep Out £7.65
SIGN-001 Private No Entry £7.65
Side Saddle Book Side-Saddle Guide P.O.A.
SHSMC5 Allen & Page Super Mixed Corn 5kg £3.99
SHRSTRAVELMATE Shires Travelmates Travel Boots P.O.A.
SHRS-RLLRBL-SPRS Ladies Roller Ball Spurs P.O.A.
SHRS KDS POLKA TIE Shires Kids Polka Dot Tie P.O.A.
SHRS FULL FACE EARS Shires Full Face Fly Mask with Ears P.O.A.
SHRS FLY MASK EARS Shires Fly Mask with Ears P.O.A.
SHRS FLY MASK Shires Fly Mask P.O.A.
SHRS 4 SEASONS Shires Tempest 4 Seasons Rug P.O.A.
SHLP5 Allen & Page Layers Pellets 5kg £3.95
SHLP20 Allen & Page Layers Pellets 20kg £10.50
SHIRSHOEBOOTS Shires Temporary Shoe Boot P.O.A.
SHIRESNORFOLK Shires Mens Norfolk Riding Boots P.O.A.
SHIRES-GS Shires Girth Sleeve Acrilan Wool P.O.A.
SHIRES TEMPEST 200TO Shires 200g Tempest Turn Out P.O.A.
Shires Gel Wrap Gel Leg Wrap P.O.A.
Shires Fluoro Exerc Shires Fluorescent Exercise Sheet P.O.A.
Shires Fleece Square Shires Traditional Travel Boots P.O.A.
Shires Comb Spurs Shires Comb Spurs P.O.A.
SHIRES 100 STABLE Shires Tempest 100g Stable Rug P.O.A.
SHIRE WEB GIRTH Shires Web Girth P.O.A.
SHEX5 Allen & Page exBats pellets 5kg £4.95
SHCC5 Allen & Page Chick Crumb 5kg £4.50
SHAV-001 Shavings 20kg bale £8.00
SF newlandsock Sherwood Forest Newland Socks £6.46
SF DARWEN HAT Sherwood Forest Darwen Hat £5.79
SF Buttermere Hat Sherwood Forest Buttermere Hat £4.13
SCHOOLING WHIP Schooling Whip P.O.A.
SAXON WELLIES Gumleaf Saxon Wellies P.O.A.
Saxon Travel boots Saxon Travel Boots P.O.A.
Sausage boot Sausage boot £4.95
Sanicat Cat Litter Sanicat Antibacterial Cat Litter £4.16
S90-Pheasant Bristol Model S-90 Multi-Stage Setter for Pheasant P.O.A.
S90-Chicken Bristol Model S-90 Multi-Stage Setter for Chickens P.O.A.
S60-Pheasant Bristol Model S-60 Multi-Stage Setter for Pheasant P.O.A.
S60-Chicken Bristol Model S-60 Multi-Stage Setter for Chickens P.O.A.
S36-Pheasant Bristol Model S-36 Multi-Stage Setter Pheasants P.O.A.
S36-Chicken Bristol Model S-36 Multi-Stage Setter for Chickens P.O.A.
S30-Pheasant Bristol Model S-30 Multi-Stage Setter for Pheasant P.O.A.
S30-Chicken Bristol Model S-30 Multi-Stage Setter for Chickens P.O.A.
S216-Pheasant Bristol Model S-216 Multi-Stage Setter Pheasants P.O.A.
S216-Chicken Bristol Model S-216 Multi-Stage Setter for Chicken P.O.A.
S180-Pheasant Bristol Model S-180 Multi-Stage Setter Pheasants P.O.A.
S180-Chicken Bristol Model S-180 Multi-Stage Setter for Chicken P.O.A.
S18-Pheasant Bristol Model S-18 Multi-Stage Setter for Pheasant P.O.A.
S18-Chicken Bristol Model S-18 Multi-Stage Setter for Chickens P.O.A.
S108-PH Bristol Model S-108 Multi-Stage Setter Ph P.O.A.
S108-CH Bristol Model S-108 Multi-Stage Setter Ch P.O.A.
S/HC-002 SH6-2 Setter/Hatcher Combined £2,200.00
S/HC-001 SH3-1 Setter/Hatcher Combined £1,400.00
S/H S-60 S/H Bristol Model S-60 Multi-Stage Setter £4,000.00
Russels Crunchers Russel's Crunchers Rabbit Size Treats £1.75
RUNNINGATT Running Martingale Attachment P.O.A.
Rubber Tyre Skip Rubber Tyre Skip Small P.O.A.
Rubber Treads Rubber Treads P.O.A.
Rubber Stall Chain Rubber Stall Chain P.O.A.
Rubber Chicken Toy Rubber Chicken Toy £5.83
RS2010 CH XL Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Child XL) P.O.A.
RS2010 CH M Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Child M) P.O.A.
RS2010 CH L Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Child L) P.O.A.
RS2010 AD XS Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult XS) P.O.A.
RS2010 AD XL Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult XL) P.O.A.
RS2010 AD S Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult S) P.O.A.
RS2010 AD M Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult M) P.O.A.
RS2010 AD L Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult L) P.O.A.
RS PROVENT 3.0 Racesafe Provent 3.0 P.O.A.
ROTA-004 Hazard Warning Light - Red £28.80
ROTA-002 Hazard Warning Light - Green £28.80
ROTA-001 Hazard Warning Light - Amber £28.80
Romamassagemitt Massage Mitt P.O.A.
Roma stretch nylon Roma Stretch Nylon P.O.A.
Roma Stretch Hood Roma Stretch Hood P.O.A.
Roma Satin Guard Roma Satin Shoulder Guard P.O.A.
Roma Rug Bib Roma Rug Bib £13.33
Roma Fluorescent Bri Roma Fluorescent Bridle Kit P.O.A.
Roma buzz away mask Roma Buzz Away Fly Mask £9.99
Rodent w squeaker Rodent With Squeaker £5.83
Rockfish Wellies Rockfish Wellies P.O.A.
Rockfish short Rockfish Short Wellies P.O.A.
RNG MRTNGL F/XF English Running Martingale Full and X Full P.O.A.
RNG MRTNGL C/F English Running Martingale Shetland, Pony and Cob P.O.A.
RMRED Rowen & Barbury Ready Mash Extra £14.36
RMGRN Rowen & Barbury Ready Fibre Mash £10.31
RMBLU Rowen & Barbury Ready Mash £12.24
RM BRIGHT HOOF PICK Hoof Pick and Brush P.O.A.
RIVER BOOT Dublin River Boots P.O.A.
Rings Peacock Ring (Pair) P.O.A.
Riding & Roadcraft Riding & Roadcraft P.O.A.
RELIEF PAD Prolite Relief Pad £40.83
Rein Stops Rein Stops (per pair) P.O.A.
Reflective Whip Reflective Whip P.O.A.
REFLEC HB Equisafety Flashing Reflective Hat Band P.O.A.
Refill waste bags Refill Waste Pick-up Bags £4.16
REAR RISER Prolite Rear Riser Adjustable P.O.A.
Rawhide bones Pack of Rawhide Bones £5.21
Rambo Rug Repair Kit Rambo Rug Repair Kit P.O.A.
Rabbit Food 2.5kg Russel's Rabbit Food 2.5kg £3.58
Rabbit bowl Rabbit Food Dish £3.33
R3H-001 Housing for warning light £2.70
QTSN-005 Quick Tag Spare Needle £1.80
QTPO-005 Quick Tag Pins - White £0.86
QTPO-004 Quick Tag Pins - Green £0.86
QTPO-003 Quick Tag Pins - Blue £0.86
QTPO-001 Quick Tag Pins - Red £0.86
QTGN-004 Quick Tag Gun £8.10
QTDP-005 Quick Tag Discs & Pins Complete - White £1.71
QTDP-004 Quick Tag Discs & Pins Complete - Green £1.71
QTDP-003 Quick Tag Discs & Pins Complete - Blue £1.71
Puffa trapper hat Puffa Trapper Hat £8.29
PUFFA BARKSTONE ARM Puffa Barkstone Armwarmers £9.46
ProPell Plus ProPell Plus 946ml P.O.A.
PROLITE WITHER PAD Prolite Wither Pad P.O.A.
Prochoicetailwrap Professional's Choice Tail Wrap P.O.A.
Pro Feet Rock Hard NAF Pro Feet Rock Hard 250ml P.O.A.
Preston tug toy Preston Tug Toy £5.82
PPWC-012 20mm Blue Alcathene Pipe 25m Roll £14.00
PPWC-011A Plastic House Union Tap 3/4inch £15.05
PPWC-011 Plastic Hose Union Tap 1/2inch £10.70
PPWC-010A Brass Hose Union Tap 3/4inch £19.72
PPWC-010 Brass Hose Union Tap 1/2inch £13.09
PPWC-009A 25mm Wall Plate Elbow Metal £20.78
PPWC-009 20mm Wall Plate Elbow Metal £16.75
PPWC-008A 25mm Liner/Insert £0.26
PPWC-008 20mm Liners/Inserts £0.24
PPWC-007 25mm - 20mm Reducer Set £2.14
PPWC-006 25mm Tank Connector £7.80
PPWC-005A 25mm Stopcock Water Connector £23.49
PPWC-005 20mm Stopcock Water Connector £18.29
PPWC-004A 25mm Straight Joiner Water Connector £3.22
PPWC-004 20mm Straight Joiner Water Connector £3.06
PPWC-003A 25mm End Cap Water Connector £4.48
PPWC-003 20mm End Cap Water Connector £3.35
PPWC-002A 25mm 90 Degree Elbow Water Connector £6.07
PPWC-002 20mm 90 degree Elbow Water Connector £4.11
PPWC-001A 25mm Tee Water Pipe Connector £8.67
PPWC-001 20mm Tee Water Connector £5.57
POW SPURS Prince of Wales Spurs P.O.A.
POLODOGCOLLAR Shires Polo Style Dog Collar £20.83
Polite Leg Bands Polite Leg Bands Equisafety £10.83
Plastic Boot Jack Plastic Boot Jack P.O.A.
Plaiting Bands Rubber Plaiting Bands P.O.A.
PINNACLE Dublin Pinnacle Boots P.O.A.
PIG OIL SPRAY Gold Label Pig Oil Spray P.O.A.
PGSM Pegasus Mix £6.29
PGSC Pegasus Cubes £5.39
Pet Coll Bowl L Floral Pet Dish Large £4.99
Pecking Spray Anti Feather Pecking Spray £6.66
Peanut Feeder Discovery Peanut Feeder £2.12
Peacock Leathers Peacock Leathers (per pair) P.O.A.
Peacock Irons Peacock Irons P.O.A.
PD-016 Head up Sillosocks Pigeon Decoy £3.38
PD-010B Flocked Coated Shell Pigeon £3.56
PD-010A Pigeon Flocked Full Bodied Feeding £5.36
PD-010 Pigeon Flocked Full Bodied Upright £5.36
PD-007 Extendable Floater £9.00
PD-004 Stealth 2ply Cammo Net £18.75
PD-002 Ultra Lightweight Decoy Rotary £145.83
PD-001 Pro-motion Rotary Decoy Machine £63.75
PC HALTER ROPE W 10" Professional's Choice Halter Rope with 10' Lead P.O.A.
PC ELITE BOOTS SALE Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots £47.50
PC DRSG GIRTH SMx Professional's Choice Dressage Girth P.O.A.
PC DELUXE HALTER Professional's Choice Deluxe Halter with Lead Rope P.O.A.
PC CLINICIAN HALTER Professional's Choice Clinician Halter with Rope P.O.A.
PANIC CLIP Panic Clip P.O.A.
P.S.O.B.Irons P.S.O.B. Irons P.O.A.
OTTOWA ADULTS Toggi Ottowa Jodhpur Boots P.O.A.
Olive Tweed Dog Coat Weatherbeeta Olive Tweed Dog Coat £14.99
OATS Rolled Oats £5.39
NYLON STRAPS Nylon Spur Straps P.O.A.
Nylon Leg Straps Nylon Leg Straps P.O.A.
Nylon Draw Reins Nylon Draw Reins P.O.A.
Number Bib Number Bib £5.79
NOBLETIGHTS Noble Balance Tights P.O.A.
NOBLEGWEN Noble Gwen Short Sleeve Shirt P.O.A.
NOBLEASHLEY Noble Ashley Long Sleeve Shirt P.O.A.
NM16 Nuumed HiWither Anti-Slip Numnah NM16 P.O.A.
NM11 Nuumed Hi Wither Numnah P.O.A.
NikWax TX Direct NikWax TX Direct Wash In £6.46
Nikwax Polar Proof Nikwax Polar Proof £5.63
NikWax down/techwash NikWax Down/Tech Wash £3.75
NikWax Cotton Proof NikWax Cotton Proof £5.79
Nettexgutbalancer750 Nettex Gut Balancer 750g P.O.A.
NettexGutBalancer Nettex Gut Balancer 3KG P.O.A.
Nettexgutbalance Nettex Gut Balancer 1.5kg P.O.A.
Nettex Tack Wipes Nettex Tack Cleaning Wipes £6.63
NETTEX SURGICAL SCRB Nettex Veterinary Surgical Scrub 2.5l P.O.A.
Nettex Sun Block Nettex Sun Block P.O.A.
NETTEX SGCL SRB 500 Nettex Vetirnary Surgical Scrub 500ml P.O.A.
Nettex mini range Nettex Mini Range £4.16
NETTEX 7 DAY MUD 500 Nettex Seven Day Mud Away 500ml £7.63
NETTEX 7 DAY MUD 250 Nettex Seven Day Mud Away 250ml £4.58
NETC-001 Top Netting Clips (Per 1000) £10.80
NAFVALUEGARLIC3KG NAF Value Garlic Granules 3kg P.O.A.
NAF Veteran 1.5kg NAF Veteran Supplement 1.5kg P.O.A.
NAF Teatree Shampoo NAF Teatree Shampoo 1 litre P.O.A.
NAF TeaTree Shampoo NAF TeaTree Shampoo 500ml P.O.A.
NAF Superflex 800g NAF 5* Superflex 800g P.O.A.
NAF Superflex 400g NAF 5* Superflex 400g P.O.A.
NAF Respirator NAF 5* Respirator Boost 500ml P.O.A.
NAF PURPLE SPRAY NAF Aloe Vera Purple Spray P.O.A.
NAF Pro Feet NAF 5* Pro Feet 1.3kg £29.95
NAF Pink Powder NAF Pink Powder 1.4kg P.O.A.
NAF Optimum Balancer NAF Optimum Balancer 3kg P.O.A.
NAF Omega Oil NAF Omega Oil 5ltr P.O.A.
NAF Oilovite 1.5kg NAF Oilovite 1.5kg P.O.A.
NAF Oestress Liquid NAF 5* Oestress Liquid 1 litre P.O.A.
NAF Oestress NAF 5* Oestress Powder 1kg P.O.A.
NAF NO BITE NAF No Bite £8.33
NAF mare, foal & ys NAF Mare, Foal and Youngstock 1.8kg P.O.A.
NAF Magic NAF 5* Instant Magic P.O.A.
NAF Magic NAF 5* Magic Calmer 1.5kg P.O.A.
NAF Linseed Oil NAF Linseed Oil 1L £9.95
NAF Limestone Flour NAF Limestone Flour 3kg P.O.A.
NAF GP Supplement NAF General Purpose Supplement 2kg refill P.O.A.
NAF Garlic Granules NAF Garlic Granules Refill 3kg P.O.A.
NAF EnerG NAF EnerG 2ltr P.O.A.
NAF Devils Relief NAF Devils Relief 1ltr P.O.A.
NAF D-itch 500g NAF D-itch 500g P.O.A.
NAF D-itch 1kg NAF D-itch 1kg P.O.A.
NAF Crib Stop NAF Crib Stop 500ml P.O.A.
NAF Biotin 1.5kg NAF Biotin 1.5kg P.O.A.
NAF Biotin NAF Biotin Refill 2kg P.O.A.
NAF Arnica Gel NAF Arnica Gel 400g P.O.A.
MWTU-012 Metal Wing Tags - Aluminium £9.80
MWTU-011 Metal Wing Tags - Tan £9.80
MWTU-010 Metal Wing Tags - Green £9.80
MWTU-009 Metal Wing Tags - Red £9.80
MWTU-008 Metal Wing Tags - Yellow £9.80
MWTU-007 Metal Wing Tags - Pink £9.80
MWTU-006 Metal Wing Tags - Purple £9.80
MWTU-005 Metal Wing Tags - Orange £9.80
MWTU-003 Metal Wing Tags - White £9.80
MWTU-002 Metal Wing Tags - Blue £9.80
MWTU-001 Metal Wing Tags - Black £9.80
MWTP-005 Metal Wing Tag Pliers £15.50
Muscle Embrocation Radiol Muscle Embrocation 500ml P.O.A.
Mullen Mouth Pelham Mullen Mouth Pelham P.O.A.
Muddy Marvel Barrier OCTOBER- Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream £4.17
MUDDY MARVEL 60ml Nettex Muddy Marvel Cream 600ml P.O.A.
MUDDY MARVEL 300ml Nettex Muddy Marvel Cream 300ml P.O.A.
Mucka Fyna-lite Mini Mucka Fork P.O.A.
Mountain Horse jodb Mountain Horse Protective Jodphur Boot £65.83
MOLOR Mollichaff Original £4.95
MOLHO Mollichaff Hoofkind £7.16
MOLDNK Mollichaff Donkey £9.14
MOLCALM Mollichaff Calmer £8.78
MOLAPP Mollichaff Apple Chaff £5.18
MM DISINFECT Muddy Marvel Disinfect £3.75
MM DE SCAB Muddy Marvel De Scab £3.58
Mite Kill ready Total Mite Kill Ready to use Solution £8.29
MINI JODS Loveson Childs Mini Jodhpurs £13.29
Mieral boost 450g Mineral Boost £4.67
MH-LTHER-SPR-STRP Leather Spur Straps P.O.A.
MGCBRSH Magic Brush P.O.A.
Metal Tail Comb Metal Tail Comb P.O.A.
Metal Mane Comb Metal Mane Comb P.O.A.
MENS BROMONT Ariat Mens Bromont Boots P.O.A.
Medicated Shampoo Dermoline Medicated Shampoo 500ml P.O.A.
MC H/Hage Net Extra Large Horsehage Net P.O.A.
Massage Pad Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad P.O.A.
Martingale Stop Martingale Stop P.O.A.
Manual of Equitation BHS Manual of Equitation P.O.A.
Manual Horsemanship BHS Manual of Horsemanship P.O.A.
Magnitude 908g Magnitude 908g P.O.A.
MacWet Glove MacWet Glove £23.29
LUNGE WHIP Lunge Whip P.O.A.
LRNG-021 8mm Leg Rings - Yellow £6.40
LRNG-020 8mm Leg Rings - Red £6.40
LRNG-017 12mm Leg Rings-Orange £8.00
LRNG-016 12mm Leg Rings-Green £8.00
LRNG-015 12mm Leg Rings-Yellow £8.00
LRNG-013 12mm Leg Rings - Purple £8.00
LRNG-012 12mm Leg Rings - Grey £8.00
LRNG-011 12mm Leg Rings - White £8.00
LRNG-010 12mm Leg Rings - Red £8.00
LRNG-009 12mm Leg Rings - Blue £8.00
LRNG-008 8mm Leg Rings - Purple £6.40
LRNG-007 8mm Leg Rings - Orange £6.40
LRNG-006 8mm Leg Rings - Green £6.40
LRNG-004 8mm Leg Rings - White £6.40
LRNG-003 8mm Leg Rings - Blue £6.40
LRNG-001 8mm Leg Rings - Pink £6.40
Loose Ring Snaffle Loose Ring Snaffle (Thin) P.O.A.
Loose Ring Lozenge Loose Ring Lozenge P.O.A.
Loop Ring Snaffle Loop Ring Snaffle P.O.A.
Loop Ring Lozenge Loop Ring Lozenge P.O.A.
Long life lead Long Life Lead Rope P.O.A.
LOFT-001 Set of five 5ft Lofting Pole £36.75
Liveryman Harmony Liveryman Harmony Clipper P.O.A.
Litter Tray Liners Cat Litter Tray Liners £1.08
Litter Freshner Litter Freshner £1.04
Lister Liberty Lister Liberty Popular Pack P.O.A.
LIMERCK BRDL Stubben Limerick Flash Bridle £108.33
Life-guard seaweed Life-Guard Seaweed £4.13
Life-Guard garlic Life-Guard Garlic Granules £4.58
Life guard cider vin Life-Guard Apple Cider Vinegar £5.50
LEVINGTONSCKS Toggi Levington Socks 3pk £14.16
Leather Hole Punch Leather Hole Punch P.O.A.
Leather foal hc Leather Foal Headcollar P.O.A.
Leather Balsam CDM Leather Balsam P.O.A.
LE CHAM BOOT BAG Le Chameau Boot Bag P.O.A.
LDS-PLASTIC-SPR Ladies Plastic Roller Spurs P.O.A.
Laminated Dress test Laminated Dressage Test P.O.A.
Lameness Lameness P.O.A.
Kong Classic Medium Kong Classic Medium £6.04
Kong Classic Large Kong Classic Large £7.25
Kong air dog w rope Kong Air Dog on Rope £4.58
Kong air dog Kong Air Dog £4.38
KNET-015 Knotted Bird Netting 14m x 100m Bale £319.50
KNET-011 Knotted Bird Netting 12m x 100m Bale £279.00
KNET-009 Knotted Bird Netting 10m x 100m Bale £235.80
KNET-007 Knotted Bird Netting 8m x 100m Bale £195.30
KNET-006A Knotted Bird Netting 7m x 7m piece £18.00
KNET-005 Knotted Bird Netting 7m x 100m Bale £163.80
KNET-003 Knotted Bird Netting 6m x 100m Bale £153.00
KNET-002A Knotted Bird Netting 4m x 4m piece £6.75
KM elite double clip Double Ended Clip P.O.A.
Kitty Cat Grass Kitty Cat Grass £4.06
KIDS OTTOWA Toggi Kids Ottowa Jodhpur Boots P.O.A.
KIDS BROMONT Ariat Kids Bromont P.O.A.
KEVLAR OR S Woof Wear Kevlar Overreach Boot Small P.O.A.
KEVLAR OR M Woof Wear Kevlar Overreach Boot Medium P.O.A.
KEVLAR OR L Woof Wear Kevlar Overreach Boot Large P.O.A.
KERATEX POWDER Keratex Mud Shield Powder P.O.A.
Keratex Hoof Shield Keratex Hoof Shield P.O.A.
Keratex Hoof Putty Keratex Hoof Putty P.O.A.
Keratex Hoof Moist Keratex Hoof Moisturiser 500ml P.O.A.
Keratex Hoof Gel Keratex Hoof Gel P.O.A.
Keratex Hardener Keratex Hoof Hardener 250ml P.O.A.
JUNIOR WHIP Junior Whip P.O.A.
JUNIOR SHOW TIE Junior Show Tie P.O.A.
JUNIOR NORTON Junior Norton Metal Curry Comb P.O.A.
Junior Curry Comb Junior Curry Comb P.O.A.
JUNIOR CONCORD Ariat Junior Concord Chap P.O.A.
Jumping Cross Countr Jumping Cross Country P.O.A.
JODHPUR CLIPS Jodhpur Clips P.O.A.
JMHARRYTWEED Jack Murphy Mens Harry Tweed Jacket P.O.A.
JM Malvern Bush Coat Jack Murphy Malvern Bush Coat P.O.A.
JFFRS PREMIER BRDL Jeffries Premier Flash Bridle P.O.A.
JFFRS DUMMY SPUR Jeffries Dummy Spur No Neck P.O.A.
JFFRS BIO GRIP REINS Jeffries Bio-grip Reins P.O.A.
Jack Murphy Lambourn Jack Murphy Lambourne Coat P.O.A.
INST-003 Partridge Insert-Fawn (115 Egg) £3.50
INST-002 Pheasant Insert-Blue (77 Large Eggs) £3.50
INST-001 Pheasant Insert-Green (86 Egg) £3.50
INSP-041 36 Tray Farm Storage Trolley P.O.A.
INSP-041 Farm Trolleys P.O.A.
INSP-040 Turning Unit £350.00
INSP-039 Ph 28 Fan £39.37
INSP-038 Control Transformer £34.27
INSP-037 Alarm Sounder £28.40
INSP-036 Turning Relay £17.63
INSP-035 Contactor £41.97
INSP-033 Turning Trolley £1,050.00
INSP-033 Egg Turning Trolley £1,050.00
INSP-032 Fan On Frame: Heaters & Plug £513.15
INSP-031 Fan Motor For S18, H20, H30, S60, H60 £299.67
INSP-030 Fan On Frame: Heaters & Plug £566.24
INSP-029 Fan Motor For S90, S108, S180, S216 £336.21
INSP-028 Fan On Frame: Heaters & Plug £513.15
INSP-027 Fan Motor For H6, H10, H12, 920rpm £271.32
INSP-026 Heating Element 700w £42.00
INSP-025 Nozzle Filter £3.12
INSP-024 White Humidity Nozzle £4.50
INSP-024 Humidity Tip £3.68
INSP-023 Humidity Nozzle Complete £34.67
INSP-022 Transisterised Relay £36.55
INSP-021 Electronic Timer £58.08
INSP-019 Electric Fumigating Pan £265.00
INSP-017 Bristol Egg Candler £35.16
INSP-016 Mains Failure Alarm £71.91
INSP-015 3inch Round Capsule £15.74
INSP-014 Microswitch CRIs £9.64
INSP-013 Microswitch CRI £9.64
INSP-011 Solenoid Valve £76.80
INSP-010 Bristol Relay-With Lights £74.21
INSP-006 Ellewell Temp Controller £139.94
INSP-004A Humidity wick probe (5m) £13.56
INSP-004 Humidity Wick Thermometer (5m) £13.56
INSP-003 Turner Actuator £172.00
INSP-002 Swivel Castor £9.95
Idocus Idocus-1355 £24.99
Ice-Vibe Knee Boot Ice-Vibe Knee Boot P.O.A.
Ice-Vibe Hock Boot Ice-Vibe Hock Boot P.O.A.
Ice-Vibe Boot XF Ice-Vibe Boot Xtra Full P.O.A.
Ice-Vibe Boot Full Ice-Vibe Boot Full P.O.A.
ICE VIBE BOOT Ice-Vibe Boot £145.83
HYVR-001 Virudine (5 Litre) £26.96
HYVK-002 Virkon S (1kg) £10.35
HYVK-001 Virkon S (5kg) £45.90
HYTR-001 Traywash (20 Litres) £39.15
HYRP-011 Racan Dife Grain Bait Rat & Mouse Killer 6 Sachets £6.38
HYRP-010 Racan force Grain Bait 6 Sachets £7.13
HYRP-009 Racan Dife Block Bait Rat & Mouse killer 10 Blocks £6.75
HYRP-008 Racan Force Paste Rat Poison 15 Sachets £7.13
HYRP-007A Racan Rapid Mouse Killer Paste Bait 24 Sachets £11.21
HYRP-007 Racan rapid Mouse Killer Station & Sachets £7.88
HYRP-002 20Kg Sack Raco Rat/Mouse Poison £36.00
HYPP-001 Potassium Permanganate (450g) £8.80
HYMV-003 Multi-Vit Plus 1 litre £11.25
HYHY-002 Hyperox (20 litres) £60.66
HYHY-001 Hyperox (5 litres) £17.06
HYHD-001 HD3 (5 Litre) £9.68
HYGB-001 Gamebird Tonic 1 ltr £11.25
HYEW-002 Antec Egg Wash Powder-Low Foam 10kg £39.95
HYEW-001 Antec Egg Wash Powder-Hi Foam 10kg £39.95
Hydrophane Cribox Hydrophane Cribox 225g P.O.A.
HYBI-002 Biosolve (5 litre) £14.40
HYBI-001 Biosolve (20 litres) £51.26
HYBC-001 Bi-OO-Cyst (5 Litres) £44.96
HYAN-001A Amonia Bicarbonate Neautraliser 2.5Kg £22.75
HYAG-001 Endosan 1 ltr £7.61
HW MIO MEDIUM COMBO Horseware Mio Medium Combo 200g P.O.A.
HW KIDS QUILT COAT Horseware Kids Quilted Coat P.O.A.
HW Finn Quilt Horseware Finn Mens Quilted Jackets £37.46
HTRY-002 Hatcher Tray Lid £17.75
HTRY-001 Hatcher Tray £17.00
HTDO-001 Double Hatcher Dollie £180.00
HTDO-001 Single Hatcher Dollie £160.00
Horseware welly cosy Newmarket Welly Cosy £11.63
Horsemans 1 Step Horsemans 1 Step £6.80
Horsehage Net Castle Horsehage Net Standard (Small) P.O.A.
Homeopathybook Homeopathy P.O.A.
Hollow Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle (Thick) P.O.A.
HOLD-001 Tray Holder For Game Inserts £14.00
HOGR-001 Hog Ring Staples £6.30
HOGP-001 Hog Ring Pliers £27.00
HNTSTC FORAGING CAKE Hentastic Foraging Cake £1.46
HL Wire 47P21-250 Hotline Supercharge 6 Strand Wire 250m £18.18
HL TurboT 47TC49-1 Hotline Turbocharge Tape 10mm 100m £12.35
HL Turbo 47TC46G-2 Hotline Turbo Tape 40mm 200m Green £59.50
HL Turbo 47TC43-2 Hotline Turbo Tape 20mm 200m £37.85
HL Turbo 47TC41-2 Hotline Turbocharge Tape 10mm 200m £20.50
HL Tester 47P70 Hotline 6 Lite Fencing Tester £14.42
HL Tester 47KV10 Hotline KV Electric Fencing Tester £19.50
HL Tape Tense 47P99 Hotline Tape Tensioner Insulator £4.25
HL Tape Gate 47P56 Hotline Electro Tape Gate and Fixings £13.60
HL Stake 47ES2 Hotline 1m Earth Stake £4.99
HL Sign 47P40 Hotline Electric Fence Warning Sign £3.65
HL Rope Gate 47P59 Hotline Electro Rope Gate and Fixings £18.50
HL Reel Post 47PR2 Hotline Reel Corner Post £23.45
HL Reel 47P25-500 Hotline Electric Tape Reel Large £35.54
HL Reel 47P25-300 Hotline Plastic Electric Fencing Reel 300m £23.10
HL Poultry 47PK50 Hotline Poultry Kit 50m £249.35
HL Post 47CP14H Hotline Paddock Post 1.4m £58.96
HL Paddock T 47C43-2 Hotline Paddock Tape 20mm 200m £19.50
HL Paddock Rope 47C5 Hotline 6mm 6 Strand Paddock Rope £41.15
HL Ins 47C37SO-20 Hotline Offset Insulator 150mm £17.99
HL Horse 47HK100-100 Hotline Horse Starter Fencing Kit £128.55
HL Handle 47P17 Hotline Premier Gate Handle £2.72
HL Handle 47C17 Hotline Paddock Gate Handle £1.85
HL H Section Post Hotline Plastic Post 3ft (Pack of 10) £21.70
HL Clamp 47C73-2 Hotline Double Tape Connector Clamp £7.25
HL Buckle 47CB40-5 Hotline Tape Fixing Buckle 40mm £7.29
HL Buckle 47CB20-5 Hotline Tape Fixing Buckle 20mm £4.75
HL Battery 47P32S-90 Hotline 9v Saline and Alkaline Battery £27.75
HL Bat 47P32S-130 9v Saline and Air Alkaline Battery 130ah £31.50
HL 47P21-500 Wire Hotline Supercharge 6 Strand Wire 500m £35.20
HIDE-001 Telescopic Support Hide Poles £41.94
Hibiscrub Hibiscrub P.O.A.
HERITAGE PADDOCK ZIP Ariat Ladies Heritage Zip Paddock Boots P.O.A.
HERITAGE FIELD Ariat Ladies Contour Heritage Field Boots P.O.A.
HENMC Henrys Mixed Corn £6.55
HENLP Henrys Layers Pellets £7.20
HENLM Henrys Layers Meal £7.20
HENCC Henrys Chick Crumb 20kg £8.95
Hedgehog Slicker Hedgehog Slicker Grooming Brush £5.42
Headcollarset Red and Navy Nylon Headcollar Set P.O.A.
Headcollar Castle Nylon Headcollar P.O.A.
Headcollar KM Elite Nylon Headcollar P.O.A.
HBLE-001 Hatcher Element (37m) £25.12
Haynet Haynet with rings P.O.A.
Hay rack Russle Rabbit Hay Rack £4.17
harringtonstreats Harringtons Sensitive Dog Treats £1.80
HARPLEY HAIRNET Harpley Hairnet Heavyweight Pkt of 2 P.O.A.
Hard Rubber Pelham Hard Rubber Pelham P.O.A.
Hanging veg holder Hanging Veg Holder £12.49
Handy Hanger Handy Hanger P.O.A.
HANDY BRUSH Stubben Handy Brush P.O.A.
Hand Throwing Dummy Hand Throwing Dummy 1lb £5.97
HAMANOL Stubben Hamanol Leather Feed P.O.A.
H72-Pheasant Bristol Model H-72 Hatcher for Pheasants P.O.A.
H72-Chicken Bristol Model H-72 Hatcher for Chickens P.O.A.
H60-Pheasant Bristol Model H-60 Hatcher for Pheasants P.O.A.
H60-Chicken Bristol Model H-60 Hatcher for Chickens P.O.A.
H6-Pheasant Bristol Model H-6 Hatcher for Pheasants P.O.A.
H6-Chickens Bristol Model H-6 Hatcher for Chickens P.O.A.
H36-Pheasant Bristol Model H-36 Hatcher for Pheasants P.O.A.
H36-Chicken Bristol Model H-36 Hatcher for Chickens P.O.A.
H30-Pheasant Bristol Model H-30 Hatcher for Pheasants P.O.A.
H30-Chicken Bristol Model H-30 Hatcher for Chickens P.O.A.
H20-Pheasant Bristol Model H-20 Hatcher for Pheasants P.O.A.
H20-Chicken Bristol Model H-20 Hatcher for Chickens P.O.A.
H12-Pheasant Bristol Model H-12 Hatcher for Pheasants P.O.A.
H12-Chicken Bristol Model H-12 Hatcher for Chickens P.O.A.
H10-Pheasant Bristol Model H-10 Hatcher for Pheasants P.O.A.
H10-Chicken Bristol Model H-10 Hatcher for Chickens P.O.A.
H+P Sticker Book Horse and Pony Sticker Book P.O.A.
GUMLEAF ROYAL ZIP Gumleaf Royal Zip Wellies P.O.A.
Guinea pig muesli Gerty Guinea Pig Complete Muesli 2.5kg £4.12
GUARDIAN RUG 15 NEW Hotline Guardian Fence Buster Rug P.O.A.
Grooming Metal Spring Curry Comb P.O.A.
Grooming Solo Comb P.O.A.
Grooming Plastic Covered Hoof Pick P.O.A.
Grooming Large Plastic Curry Comb P.O.A.
Grooming Plastic Hoof Oil Brush and Cap P.O.A.
GPSP11 NuuMed Hi Wither Saddlecloth P.O.A.
GPSP07 Nuumed HiWither ProPad P.O.A.
Glucosamine 10,000 + Glucosamine 10,000 + MSM 900g P.O.A.
GLOVES Winter Pimple Gloves £2.46
GLOVES Castle Childs Magic Gloves P.O.A.
GLOVES Castle Adult Magic Gloves £2.08
Globe Pelham Globe Pelham P.O.A.
GLDN WNGS BIT Stubben Golden Wings Snaffle Bit £48.31
GL WONDER GEL Gold Label Wonder Gel P.O.A.
GL Tea Tree Mist Gold Label TeaTree Mist plus MSM P.O.A.
GL Stockholm Tar Gold Label Stockholm Tar £5.79
GL Purple spray Gold Label Purple Spray 250ml P.O.A.
GL Mane & Tail Gold Label Mane, Tail and Coat Lotion £5.50
GL Iodine Gold label Iodine Spray P.O.A.
Girth Guard Girth Guard P.O.A.
GH HS1 SKULL HS1 Skull Hat P.O.A.
Gertys crunchers Gerty's Cruchers- Guinea Pig Treats £1.75
German Training Aid German Training Aid (Bungee) P.O.A.
Gatehouse H.S.1 Snel Gatehouse H.S.1 Snell E2001 £112.50
Gag Cheeks Gag Cheeks P.O.A.
FWIR-002 Fox Wire With Fixed Stops £1.45
Fulmer Snaffle Fulmer Snaffle P.O.A.
Fulmer Loops Fulmer Loops per pair P.O.A.
Fulmer French Link Fulmer French Link P.O.A.
Full Cheek French Full Cheek French Link P.O.A.
Full Cheek Eggbutt Full Cheek Eggbutt P.O.A.
FRONT RISER Prolite Front Riser Adjustable P.O.A.
Freshbreathedogtreat Fresh Breath Dog Treats £2.75
French Link Loose Ri Loose Ring French Link (Thin) P.O.A.
French Eggbutt French Eggbutt Snaffle P.O.A.
fox poo shampoo Fox Poo Shampoo £4.16
Fork Fyna-lite Multi Fork (Short Handle) P.O.A.
Fork Fyna-lite Muck Fork (Long Handle) P.O.A.
Fork Fyna-lite Muck Fork (Short Handle) P.O.A.
FOAM-001 Hatcher Tray Foam Liners (Packs 100) £27.00
Foam Pad Felt Foam Pad 16 x 22 (Fibergee) P.O.A.
Foam Pad Foam Pad 10 x 12 (Fibergee) P.O.A.
Foam Pad Felt Foam Pad 12 x 18 (Fibergee) P.O.A.
Foam Pad Felt Foam Pad 18 x 18 (Fibergee) P.O.A.
Fluorescent Hat Cove Spartan Fluorescent Hat Cover £12.19
Floor Paint Hatchery Floor Paint P.O.A.
Flexi Jointed Loose Flexi Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle £14.76
Flexi jointed eggbut Flexi Jointed Eggbut Snaffle £20.83
flea clear small Flea Clear Spot On (Small Dogs) £3.67
flea clear medium Flea Clear Spot On (Medium Dogs) £4.04
flea clear large Flea Clear Spot On (Large Dogs) £4.38
flea and tick shampo Flea and Tick Shampoo £3.74
FLASH STRAP English Flash Strap P.O.A.
Flash Converter Flash Converter P.O.A.
FILLISTRD Fillis Iron Treads P.O.A.
Fillis Irons Fillis Irons P.O.A.
Filet Baucher French Filet Baucher French Link P.O.A.
Filet Baucher Filet Baucher P.O.A.
FEWF-001 Wise Wall/Fence Feeder £28.80
Fetlock Scissors Fetlock Scissors P.O.A.
FENC-008 Hotline Gemini 80 Energiser £99.27
FENC-005 Hotline Super Hobby Energiser £104.90
FENC-001 Hotline Shrike Energiser £73.22
FEKF-010 Kingfisher Feeder indoor £15.26
FEKF-009 Kingfisher Rod £4.65
FEKF-008 Wing nut £1.07
FEKF-007 Kingfisher Base £7.90
FEKF-006 Kingfisher Bottom Spacer £1.37
FEKF-005 Kingfisher Top Spacer & Wing Nut £2.20
FEKF-004 Kingfisher Tube £10.85
FEKF-003 Kingfisher Indoor Hat £2.20
FEKF-002 Kingfisher Outdoor Hat £9.99
FEKF-001 Kingfisher Feeder £17.96
FEHF-001 12Kg Handy Hanging/Ground Feeder £10.80
FEGH-002 50KG Galvanised Feed Hopper with 7" pan feeder £31.50
FEGH-001 50KG Galvanised Feed Hopper with Spring £28.80
Feedsbook Feeds and Feeding Guide P.O.A.
FEED-003 Set of feet for Eco/Handy Feeder £1.24
FEED-002 Eco Handy Feeder Outdoor Hat £8.99
FEED-001 Eco Deluxe 12kg Ground Feeder £8.82
FEEC-001 12kg Eco Ground Feeder £8.28
FEDT-003 3kg Plastic Feeder £4.41
FEDP-005 10kg Picca Feeder £11.25
FEDL-001 2.15kg Feeder Lock/Lid £25.79
FEDA-12A 7 inch Pan Feeder £4.46
FEDA-012 4 inch Pan Feeder £3.83
FEDA-011 Deer Guard £3.33
FEDA-010 Badger Spike £0.72
FEDA-007 Feeder Nozzle £1.76
FEDA-004 Wright Feeder £3.15
FECA-001 Wise Cage Feeder £21.60
FCT Fumigation cabinet P.O.A.
FBX57 Breederpack Dog £9.99
FBX35 Megazorb £7.65
FBX33 Aquamax £6.75
FBX32 Nedzbed pro £7.16
FBX31 Small Flake Wood Shavings £7.19
FBX30 Bedmax £6.75
FBX25 Supabeet pellets £7.16
Fatballs x 6 6 Wild Bird Fatballs £1.63
Farriers Formula Farriers Formula P.O.A.
EZ CNTRL BIT Stubben EZ-Control Bit £41.63
ETUX-001 Egg Transfer Unit £275.00
Equisafety Waistcoat Equisafety Polite Waistcoat P.O.A.
Equisafety Hat Band Equisafety Polite Hat Band £9.97
Equine Nasal Strip Nasal Strip P.O.A.
EQUETECH SCRUNCHIE Equetech Scrunchie P.O.A.
EQSPTM Equerry Sports Mix £12.50
EQMSH Equerry Conditioning Cooler Mash £11.95
EQHFC Equerry High Fibre Cubes £8.06
EQCOOLM Equerry Cool Mix £10.45
EQCONC Equerry Conditioning Cubes £11.95
EQ TRAING WRAP SALE Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wrap £45.00
EQ FLTWRK WRAPS SALE Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps £45.00
English Hackamore English Hackamore £22.92
ENGLISH EGGBUTT English Eggbutt Snaffle P.O.A.
ENGL BP English Breastplate Full and Extra Full P.O.A.
ENGL BP English Breastplate Pony and Cob P.O.A.
Effol Hoof Ointment Effol Hoof Ointment 500ml P.O.A.
Effax Leather Gripst Effax Leather Gripstick £5.83
Effax Leather Combi Effax Leather Combi P.O.A.
Eden Unisex Fleece Toggi Eden Unisex Fleece P.O.A.
Easy-change gullet Easy-Change Gullet P.O.A.
EABED Easibed £6.75
EA17 Nuumed Wool Legwraps P.O.A.
EA02 30 Nuumed Dressage Girth Sleeve Wool 30 P.O.A.
EA02 20 Nuumed Dressage Girth Sleeve Wool 20 P.O.A.
EA01 40 Nuumed Girth Sleeve Wool 40 P.O.A.
Dutch Gag French Dutch Gag French Link P.O.A.
Dutch Gag Dutch Gag P.O.A.
Dummy TR02 Hand 1/2lb throwing toggle £5.21
DUBLINZIPRIVER Dublin Zip River Boots P.O.A.
DUBLINMERIDIAN Dublin Meridian Gaiters P.O.A.
DUBLIN ELEVATION Dublin Elevation Jodhpur Boots P.O.A.
Dually Truck Dually Truck-2610 £49.99
DSPA-039 WM2E Biomaster Guard £5.81
DSPA-036 Inline Water Filter £1.26
DSPA-035 1/4 Union Nut £0.63
DSPA-034 Shut Off Saddle Connector £1.79
DSPA-033 Auto Chick Drinker Ball Valve £2.18
DSPA-031 Valve Seating-412988 £0.81
DSPA-030 Valve Washer-411818 £0.43
DSPA-029 Valve Spring-411597 £0.30
DSPA-028 Main Spring-411802 £0.65
DSPA-027 Adjuster Collar-413114 £0.70
DSPA-026 Stem only-411782 £1.72
DSPA-025 Filter Disc-411777 £0.33
DSPA-024 1/4 X 1/4 BSP Connector £0.39
DSPA-022 Tube Grip - 412727 £0.58
DSPA-021 Filter Top Compression 412767 £0.79
DSPA-017 Tee Minipipe 412424 £0.99
DSPA-016 Minipipe Connector 412427 £0.80
DSPA-015 Blanking Cap Compression - 412933 £0.33
DSPA-013 Valve Stem WM2E & BEC75 412849 £4.40
DSPA-011 Hanger Strap 411898 £0.24
DSPA-010 Hanging Cord (30m) 411496 £8.09
DSPA-009 Plastic Slide Height Adj 411481 £0.23
DSPA-008 S' Hook 412566 £0.29
DSPA-007 1/4 BSP Nut £0.34
DSPA-006 Side Outlet 412812 £2.93
DSPA-005 Saddle Connector 412747 £1.22
DSPA-004 Nipple Con Monoflo Plast412410 £0.27
DSPA-003 Nipple Connectmonoflo 2 412390 £0.27
DSPA-002 Tee Minimaster 412425 £0.24
DSPA-001 Tubing 100ft 412787 pvc £15.89
DRTR-002 10 Ltr Tripod Drinker £21.15
DRTR-001 30 Ltr Tripod Drinker £22.95
DRST-001 Drinker & Feeder Stand £6.75
DRSSGE REINS PNY Dressage Reins 1/2 inch Pony P.O.A.
DRSSGE REINS FULL Dressage Reins 5/8 inch Full P.O.A.
DRMC-002 Maxi Cup Drinker £8.96
DRKP-015H Dome Master Base Spring £0.57
DRKP-015G Dome Master Yellow Drinker Valve £0.47
DRKP-015F Dome Master Red Valve Nut £0.30
DRKP-015E Dome Master Valve Washer & Pin £0.39
DRKP-015D Dome Master Valve Spring £0.39
DRKP-015C Dome Master Filter £0.46
DRKP-015 Dome Master Drinker £8.99
DRKP-010 6 Litre Cylinder Drinker With Handle £17.67
DRKP-009E G89 Spring £0.76
DRKP-009D G89 Pipe/Hose Connector £0.76
DRKP-009C G89 Yellow Top £2.84
DRKP-008 1kg Plastic Feeder Complete £2.98
DRKP-007 1 Litre Plastic Drinker Complete £2.25
DRKP-006 3 Litre Plastic Drinker Complete £2.69
DRKP-005 5 Litre Plastic Drinker Complete £3.29
DRKP-002 Automatic Chick Drinker Comp £4.37
DRKD-002 12 litre Kombo Drinker £7.83
DRKD-001 6 litre Kombo Drinker £5.39
DRKB-011B Cleanflo Drinker Cover £3.02
DRKB-011A Cleanflo Drinker Stand £3.22
DRKB-011 Cleanflo Automatic Drinker £7.19
DRKB-008D Chick Ring £0.72
DRKB-008 Minimaster 2 Drinker £4.05
DRKB-007 Bec75 Drinker Complete £9.89
DRKB-006 WM2E Drinker Complete £9.36
DRJSV Dr John Silver 15kg £10.49
DRJHYPO Dr Johns Hypoallergenic £16.49
DRJGD Dr John Gold 15kg £11.50
DRGV-003 2 Gallon Galvanised Drinker £30.60
DRGV-002 1 Gallon Galvanised Drinker £27.00
DRGV-002 galvanised drinker 1gal/4.45ltrs £28.00
doublefeedingbowls Double Feeding Bowls £2.49
Double sided comb Double Sided Comb £4.38
dogs body shampoo Dogs body Shampoo £4.16
DOGA-010 Acme Whistle 211.5 no pea £5.40
DOGA-009 Acme Whistle 210.5 no pea £5.36
DOGA-008 Acme Whistle 210 with pea £5.67
Dog weaving poles Dog Agility Weaving Poles £21.66
Dog treat bag Dog Treat Bag £3.13
Dog Agility hurdle Dog Agility Hurdle £20.83
DNGNT Dengie Healthy Tummy P.O.A.
DNGHHMF Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free £13.50
DLN PLAID RIVER BOOT Dublin River Boot Plaid P.O.A.
DIYH-003 35kg DIY Hopper Drum Only £7.20
DIYH-002 Set of 3 Hopper Legs £4.95
DIYH-001A 35kg DIY Hopper with Leg & 4" Pan Feeder £14.63
DIYH-001 35kg DIY Hopper Comp With Legs & Spring £12.38
Discovery seed feede Discovery Seed Feeder £2.17
DHPAS Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix £11.12
DHIFIO Dengie HiFi Original with Apple £11.25
DHIFIMF Dengie Hifi Molassse Free £11.12
DHFL Dengie HiFi Lite £10.71
DH16+ Dodson & Horrell 16 Plus mix £13.05
DEVER GIRTH Dever Comfort Girth P.O.A.
Dermoline Shampoo Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo 500ml P.O.A.
Derma Shampoo Derma Shampoo £4.16
Decahedron Decahedron 10 inch (Large ) P.O.A.
Danish Tweed Bed S Danish Design Tweed Bed Small £23.29
Danish Tweed Bed M Danish Design Tweed Bed Medium £29.96
Danish Tweed Bed L Danish Design Tweed Bed Large £41.63
Danish Design Catbed Danish Design Cosy Bed £17.46
DAND-001 Dander/Fluff Trap £375.00
DALFAOIL Dengie Alfa A Oil £14.31
DALFAO Dengie Alfa a Original £12.47
DALFAMF Dengie Alfa A Molasses Free £13.82
DALFAL Dengie Alfa A Lite £12.38
D-Itch Ointment NAF D-Itch Ointment 500g £16.63
custom xc shirt Equetech Custom Unisex Cross Country Shirt £33.29
CURB CUSHION Prolite Curb Cushion £10.83
CTNPMPLGLVS Cotton Pimple Gloves Castle P.O.A.
CTIE-004 Cable Ties 536mm - 21inch £12.83
CTIE-003 Cable Ties 365mm - 14.5inch £5.36
CTIE-002 Cable Ties 200mm - 8inch £1.98
CTIE-001 Cable Ties 100mm - 4inch £2.95
Crunchy biscuit meal Crunchy Biscuit Meal for Dogs 2.5kg £3.00
CRTE-001 Plastic Poult Crate £36.00
Coxmoor Stalker Sock Coxmoor Stalker Wool Socks P.O.A.
Cowboy Magic Rose Sh Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo P.O.A.
Cowboy Magic Greensp Cowboy Magic Greenspot 946ml P.O.A.
Cowboy Magic Detang Cowboy Magic Detangler P.O.A.
Course Companion Pre Course Companion Prelim Teaching £11.99
Cotton Wool NAF Cotton Wool P.O.A.
Cortaflex HA Solutio Cortaflex HA Solution 946ml P.O.A.
Cortaflex 908g Cortaflex 908g P.O.A.
Cortaflex 454g Cortaflex 454g P.O.A.
CORR-003 Corrugated Paper 4ft x 75m £39.00
CORR-002 Corrugated Paper 3ft x 75m £29.00
CORR-001 Corrugated Paper 2ft x 75m £24.00
Corn n grit treat Corn 'n' Grit Treat £2.16
Cork Screw Tether Cork Screw Tether £2.96
Conformation book Guide on Conformation P.O.A.
CONCORD CHAP Ariat Concord Chaps P.O.A.
Complete Stable Mana BHS Complete Stable Management P.O.A.
Cohesive bandage NAF NaturalintX Cohesive Bandage P.O.A.
CO HAT CLEANER Charles owen Hat Cleaner £4.13
CO COMPETITOR Charles Owen Competitor P.O.A.
CO 4 STAR Charles Owen 4 Star P.O.A.
CLUB BOOT S/M Woof Wear Club Brushing Boot XS-M P.O.A.
CLUB BOOT L-XL Woof Wear Club Brushing Boot L-XL P.O.A.
CLTG-009 P.P9 Clic Tags £5.85
CLTG-008 P.P8 Clic Tags £5.85
CLTG-006 P.P6 Clic Tags £5.85
CLTG-003 P.P3 Clic Tags £5.85
Clipper Oil Lister Clipper Oil 250ml P.O.A.
CLASSIC CHAP Ariat Classic Chap P.O.A.
Citronella No-rinse Citronella No-Rinse Wash £5.79
CIN/SPC CHICK STICKS Cinnamon and Spice Chick Sticks £1.63
CHLDS DEVON Ariat Kids Devon Zip Jodhpur Boots P.O.A.
Chifney Bit Chifney Bit P.O.A.
Cheltenham Gag Cheltenham Gag P.O.A.
Cheek Guards Cheek Guards P.O.A.
CHD-BALL END SPRS Shires Children Ball End Spur P.O.A.
CHASSEUR NEO Le Chameau Chasseur Neoprene Lining Boot P.O.A.
CHARLESTN BOOTS Toggi Charleston Boots P.O.A.
champion pink cover Champion Ventair Hot Pink Hat Cover £9.16
Champion Junior Plus Champion Junior Plus Jockey Helmet P.O.A.
Champion Freedom LS Champion Ladies Small Freedom Body Protector P.O.A.
Champion Freedom LM Champion Ladies Medium Freedom Body Protector P.O.A.
Champion Freedom LL Champion Ladies Large Freedom Body Protector P.O.A.
Champion Freedom GXL Champion Girls Extra Large Freedom Body Protector P.O.A.
Champion Freedom GS Champion Girls Large Freedom Body Protector P.O.A.
Chalk Powder Chalk Powder 450grams P.O.A.
Chalk Block Chalk Block P.O.A.
CDM Tar Carr Day & Martin Stockholm Tar P.O.A.
CDM StainMaster Carr Day & Martin Stain Master P.O.A.
CDM MANE AND TAIL CDM Canter Mane and Tail Conditioner P.O.A.
CDM Hoof Oil Carr Day & Martin Hoof Oil P.O.A.
CDM Cornucresine 500 Cornucresine Daily Hoof Ointment 500ml P.O.A.
CDM Cornucresine CDM Cornucresine Hoof Ointment 250ml P.O.A.
CDM COAT SHINE Carr Day & Martin Canter Coat Shine P.O.A.
CBXP-004 Plastic Chick Box Lid (Four Comp) £10.95
CBXP-003 Plastic Chick Box (Four Compartment) £16.95
CBXD-002 Double Chick Box £67.50
CBLN-001 Chick Box Liner £0.10
CBET-001 Cardboard Egg Trays £14.85
Cat stain remover Cat Stain & Odour Remover £5.79
Cat Litter Tray Cat Litter Tray £3.33
Cat Litter Scoop Cat Litter Scoop £1.17
CASTLEROPE Castle Lead Rope Cotton P.O.A.
CASTLEGRASSREIN Caslte Grass Reins £7.08
Castle Web Muzzle Castle Nylon Web Muzzle £12.46
Castle Over reach Velcro Over Reach Boots Castle P.O.A.
Castle haynet large Horsehage Net Large (Standard) P.O.A.
Castle Dressage Poly Castle Dressage Polyquilt Numnah £13.29
Cartwright boots Toggi Cartwright Boots P.O.A.
CarrotBowl Carrot Bowl £3.83
carefresh ultra Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding £4.99
Carefresh confetti Carefresh Confetti Bedding £4.99
calm&relaxeddogtreat Calm & Relaxed Dog Treats £2.75
Cage spray cleaner Hutch & Cage Cleaner £3.33
Cage fresh granules Cage Fresh Granules £4.16
CACTUS MITT Cactus Mitt P.O.A.
Caballo Scarf Caballo Scarf £6.63
BVAL-001 Auto Changeover Valve £51.66
Burgandycheckshirt Burgundy/Green/Tan Check Mens Cotton Shirt P.O.A.
BSPA-030 SA Suspension Chain Set £4.10
BSPA-028A SA New Low Clean Airfilter £17.44
BSPA-028 Sa Filter £9.68
BSPA-019B Sa Regulator £14.85
BSPA-019A Sa Hose Pack (No Regulator) £4.50
BSPA-019 Sa Hose Pack, Regulator, Hose & Clips £18.45
BSPA-018 Sa Thermocouple £8.06
BSPA-016 Sa8 Gasket £3.24
BSPA-015 Sa8 Flame Failure Valve £34.20
BSPA-014 Sa8 Gauze £16.79
BSPA-013 Sa8 Ceramic £22.49
BSPA-012 Sa8 Jet £3.86
BSPA-011 Sa4 Thermostat £40.50
BSPA-010 Sa4 Gasket Set £2.93
BSPA-009 Sa4 Flame Failure Valve £34.20
BSPA-008 Sa4 Gauze £13.10
BSPA-007 Sa4 Ceramic £16.18
BSPA-006 Sa4 Jet £3.86
BSPA-005 Sa2 Gasket £2.50
BSPA-004 Sa2 Flame Failure Valve £34.20
BSPA-003 Sa2 Gauze £8.33
BSPA-002 Sa2 Ceramic £9.72
BSPA-001 Sa2 Jet £3.86
BSLY-CHOKER Bisley Towelling Choker P.O.A.
Brushes Smart Tails Rake Medium yellow P.O.A.
BRS PADDOCK CHAIN SM Brass Paddock Chain Small P.O.A.
BRS PADDOCK CHAIN L Brass Paddock Chain Large £8.75
Broom Plastic Broom and Handle 18 inch P.O.A.
BROMONT NON INS Ariat Ladies Bromont H20 Tall Boots P.O.A.
BROD-025 Infra-Red Lamp Holder £17.96
BROD-024 Infrared Brooder Bulb 250w £7.65
BROD-022 Connecting Kit For GB-T Brooders £21.60
BROD-017 GB6-T Gas Brooder FF - Mod Thermostat £213.30
BROD-016 GB4-T Gas Brooder FF - Mod Thermostat £202.50
BROD-013 Brooder Legs & Bracket Set Of 4 £14.85
BROD-004 Sa8 Gas Brooder Complete £110.70
BROD-003 Gasolec SA4 Gas Brooder Complete £94.50
BROD-002 Gasolec SA2 Gas Brooder Complete £91.80
Bridle Rack Bridle Rack P.O.A.
Breederpack dog feed Breederpack Complete Dog Feed 2.5kg £2.60
Breaking Roller Fleece Lined Breaking Roller with Girth P.O.A.
BRAN Bran £10.58
Bramfield Breeches Puffa Bramfield Breeches £62.50
BRAL-003 Ring Brailes Partridge (P/100) £8.10
BRAL-002 Ring Brailes Cock £8.10
BRAL-001 Ring Brailes Hen £8.10
brain&traindogtreats Brain & Train Dog Treats £2.75
BR Anti Bac Jelly Radiol BR Anti Bac Jelly 40g £2.92
botd fun socks Bang on the Door Knee High Fun Socks P.O.A.
BOOK-007 Farming and Smallholder Fencing Book £9.00
BOOK-004 Ducks and Geese at Home Book £9.00
BOOK-003 Chickens at Home Book £9.45
Bonart Pheasant Polo Mens Bonart Pheasant Polo Shirt P.O.A.
BNO4 Baileys No. 4 Top Line Cubes £13.99
Bluecane Bowl M Bluecane Lettered Dog Bowl Medium £3.75
Bluecane Bowl L Bluecane Lettered Dog Bowl Large £6.46
Blue/greencheckshirt Blue/Green Check Mens Country Cotton Shirt P.O.A.
BLNK-001 Elect Hen Blanket Only 3' X 4' £6.62
BITC-003 Conventional Loose Bits-Size C £12.42
BITC-002 Conventional Loose Bits-Size B £9.23
BITC-001 Conventional Loose Bits-Size A £8.78
BIBB-004 Bumpafitter £21.60
BIBB-003 25mm Bumpa Bits £5.49
BIBB-002 30mm Bumpa Bits £5.49
BIBB-001 35mm Bumpa Bits £5.49
BHS Manual Stage 3 BHS Complete Manual Stage 3 P.O.A.
BHS Manual Stage 2 BHS Complete Manual Stage 2 P.O.A.
BHS Manual Stage 1 BHS Complete Manual Stage 1 P.O.A.
BHS Manual PPT BHS Training Manual for the PTT P.O.A.
BHFCO Baileys Highfibre Complete £10.58
BGAS-001 Gasolec Game 5 Gas Brooder Complete £135.00
BFTM-003 Bitfitter - Maxi £18.36
BFTM-001 Bitfitter - Mini £18.36
BFTB-002 Bitfitter - Basic £18.36
BFIBP Baileys Fibreplus Nuggets £9.89
BFHL-001 Home Loader & Blank £15.50
BFBM-006 Chunky B Bit - Soft £13.82
BFBM-005 Chunky B Bit - Standard £13.82
BFBM-004 Bitfitter Bits - Maxi £16.88
BFBM-003 Bitfitter Bits - Thick & Thin £13.82
BFBM-001 Bitfitter Bits - Mini £13.95
BEWX-006 Egg Washer Thermostat/Controller £58.50
BEWX-005 Compressor P.O.A.
BEWX-002 Bristol Single Basket Egg Washer £324.00
BEWX-001 Bristol Triple Basket Egg Washer £2,800.00
BEWS-005B Egg Basket (200 Egg) £20.70
BEWS-005 Egg Basket (100 Egg) £8.96
BEWS-004 Egg Washer Switch £26.85
BEWS-003 Rotamaid Egg Washer Element £14.85
BEWS-002 Egg Washer Bottom Filter £13.67
BEWS-001 Large Egg Washer Filter £11.58
Betagrip Tail Bandag Bettagrip Tail Bandage £4.58
Bent Leg Irons Bent Leg Irons P.O.A.
BELE-001 Electric Hen Element (30ft) £5.70
Beetle Boot Jack Beetle Boot Jack P.O.A.
Be Nice Halter Be Nice Halter P.O.A.
Bates Webbers Bates Webbers £37.49
Basic Water Bucket Basic Water Bucket P.O.A.
Basic Feed Bucket Basic Feed Bucket P.O.A.
Barmah Waterproofer Barmah Waterproofer & Conditioner £4.38
Barmah Squashy Hat Barmah Squashy Hat £41.63
Barmah Broncho Barmah Fold Away Broncho £45.83
AVIGN Shires Avignon Comfort Bridle £45.00
Auto Water Tower Cat Auto Water Tower £4.99
Auto Feeder Cat Cat Auto Feeder Tower £4.99
Assorted dog treats Assorted Dog Treats £4.99
ASSHPYSB Ascot Show Bridle (Shetland/Pony) P.O.A.
ASPNYCMFLBR Ascot Flash Bridle (Pony) P.O.A.
ASPLXFBR Ascot Plain Bridle (Extra Full) P.O.A.
ASPLCBFL Ascot Plain Bridle (Cob/Full) P.O.A.
ASPLBRPONY Ascot Plain Bridle (Pony) P.O.A.
ASCTLTHRS54/56 Ascot Stirrup Leathers P.O.A.
ASCOTLEATHERHC Ascot Leather Headcollar P.O.A.
ASCFSB Ascot Show Bridle (Cob/Full) P.O.A.
ASCFCMFLBR Ascot Comfort Flash Bridle (Cob/Full) P.O.A.
AS5POINTBP Ascot 5 Point Breast Plate P.O.A.
Aromtherapyforhorses Aromatherapy for Horses P.O.A.
ARIATSKYLINE Ariat Ladies Skyline GTX Boots P.O.A.
ARIATSKYLINE Ariat Mens Skyline GTX Boots P.O.A.
ARIATGRASMERE Ariat Ladies Grasmere Boots P.O.A.
ARIATCHALLENGE Ariat Ladies Challenge Boots P.O.A.
ARIATBRAEMAR Ariat Mens Braemer GTX Boots P.O.A.
ARIATBERWICK Ariat Ladies Berwick GTX Tall Boots P.O.A.
ARIATACTON Ariat Mens Acton Boots P.O.A.
ARIAT WATERPROOFER Ariat Leather Waterproofer P.O.A.
APVV Allen & Page Veteran Vitality £11.12
APPP Allen & Page Power & Performance £13.99
APFF Allen & Page Fast Fibre £9.44
APCC Allen & Page Calm & Condition £13.35
ANTI-001 Anti Game Stray (50ml) £7.88
Ancol Lead Small Ancol Nylon Lead Small £3.08
Ancol Lead Medium Ancol Nylon Lead Medium £3.78
Ancol Lead Large Ancol Nylon Rope Lead £7.29
Ancol Harness 8-9 Ancol Padded Harness Size 8-9 £12.49
Ancol Harness 7-8 Ancol Padded Harness Size 7-8 £11.88
Ancol Harness 1-2 Ancol Padded Harness Size 1-2 £6.58
Ancol Collar 6-9 Ancol Nylon Collar Sizes 6-9 £3.88
Ancol Collar 3-5 Ancol Nylon Collar Sizes 3-5 £3.50
Ancol Collar 1-2 Ancol Nylon Collar Sizes 1-2 £3.28
Anchol Harness 3-4 Ancol Padded Harness Size 3-4 £8.20
ALRM-001 Spring Operated Alarm Gun £11.66
ALKE-002 Alke Brooder Type 41 £77.40
AKWRT Arkwrights Complete Chicken 15kg £9.49
Airowear Outlyne tee Airowear Outlyne Teen Body Protector Girls T1 £119.95
Airowear Outlyne tee Airowear Outlyne Teen Body Protector T2 P.O.A.
Airowear Outlyne Men Airowear Outlyne Mens Body Protector M4 / M5 P.O.A.
Airowear outlyne men Airowear Mens Outlyne Body Protector M3 P.O.A.
Airowear Outlyne jun Airowear Outlyne Junior Body Protector Y4 / Y5 P.O.A.
Airowear Outlyne jun Airowear Outlyne Junior Body Protector Y2 / Y3 P.O.A.
Airowear Outlyne Airowear Ladies Outlyne Body Protector L6 / L7 P.O.A.
Airowear Outlyne Airowear Ladies Outlyne Body Protector L5 P.O.A.
Airowear outlyne Airowear Ladies Outlyne Body Protector L4 P.O.A.
Airowear outlyne Airowear Ladies Outlyne Body Protector L3 P.O.A.
AERBORN HAIRNET Aerborn What Knot Hair Net P.O.A.
ADULT SHOW TIE Adult Show Tie P.O.A.
PD-017 Head Down Sillosocks Decoy £3.38
PD-005 Sillosocks Hypa Flap £26.10
HYSO-001 Solulyte 1 Litre £8.24
GNET-007 Jumbo Game Net 1.8mtrs (100m Roll) £99.00
GNET-005 Jumbo Game Net 1.2mtrs (100m Roll) £68.40
GNET-004 Game Net 2mtrs (100m Roll) £89.10
GNET-002 Game Net 1.52mts (100m Roll) £71.10
GNET-001 Game Net 1.2mts (100m Roll) £63.00
BOOK-009 Incubation at Home Book £8.55
BOOK-008 Making Mobile Hen Houses Book £9.45
BOOK-006 Poultry House Construction Book £10.35
BOOK-005 Modern Free Range Book £8.55
BOOK-002 Guineafowl Past & Present Book £8.55
600ml water bottles 600ml Water Bottle £2.71
300ml water bottle 300ml Water Bottle £2.04
Frequently asked questions P.O.A.