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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
TACK TRAY Tack Tray P.O.A.
TACK TRAY COVER Tack Tray Cover P.O.A.
DSPA-002 Tee Minimaster 412425 £0.24
DSPA-017 Tee Minipipe 412424 £0.99
SNCM-001 Telescopic Cartridge Magnet £22.50
HIDE-001 Telescopic Support Hide Poles £41.94
THRM-020 Temp Thermometer 90-105 Deg £77.70
TEST01 Test Product £24.00
Thinning Scissors Thinning Scissors P.O.A.
TG COB GIRTH Thorowgood Cob Girth P.O.A.
TOGGIAMALFI Toggi Amalfi Fleece P.O.A.
TOGGIANZIO Toggi Anzio Jacket P.O.A.
TOGGIBARCELONA Toggi Barcelona Sweatshirt P.O.A.
TOGGIBYRON Toggi Byron Shirt P.O.A.
TOGGICABRILLA Toggi Cabrilla Shirt P.O.A.
TOGGICALEDON Toggi Caledon Mid Boots P.O.A.
TOGGICALGARY Toggi Calgary Riding Boots P.O.A.
Cartwright boots Toggi Cartwright Boots P.O.A.
TOGGICHANDLER Toggi Chandler Boots P.O.A.
CHARLESTN BOOTS Toggi Charleston Boots P.O.A.
Toggi Derby Jods Toggi Derby Jodhpurs P.O.A.
Eden Unisex Fleece Toggi Eden Unisex Fleece P.O.A.
Toggi eques riding b Toggi Equestrian Ladies Riding Boot £33.29
ToggiStarlightSocks Toggi Kids Dream Socks P.O.A.
KIDS OTTOWA Toggi Kids Ottowa Jodhpur Boots P.O.A.
LEVINGTONSCKS Toggi Levington Socks 3pk £14.16
TOGGILOLETA Toggi Loleta Shirt P.O.A.
TOGGIMARSHALL Toggi Marshall Fleece P.O.A.
TOGGIMONDELLO Toggi Mondello Gilet P.O.A.
TOGGIOPAL Toggi Opal Jumper P.O.A.
TOGGIOSLO Toggi Oslo Technical Top P.O.A.
OTTOWA ADULTS Toggi Ottowa Jodhpur Boots P.O.A.
TOGPARIS Toggi Paris Polo P.O.A.
TOGGIRAVANNA Toggi Ravanna Polo Shirt P.O.A.
TOGGIRAVELLO Toggi Ravello Polo P.O.A.
TOGGIROANOKE Toggi Roanoke Boots P.O.A.
TOG-RC-SCKS Toggi Rough Country Socks P.O.A.
TOGGISAPPORO Toggi Sapporo Softshell Jacket P.O.A.
TOGGITERMOLI Toggi Termoli Polo P.O.A.
TOGGITERRACINA Toggi Terracina Sweatshirt P.O.A.
TOGGITROPEA Toggi Tropea Rugby Shirt P.O.A.
Waltham Holdall Toggi Waltham Holdall £120.79
NETC-001 Top Netting Clips (Per 1000) £10.80
TSBAL Top Spec Comprehensive Balancer £39.95
TSCC Top Spec Cool Condition Cubes £13.85
TSJOINT Top Spec Joint Balancer £35.95
TSLITE Top Spec Lite Balancer £20.75
TSALFA Top Spec TopChop Alfafa £10.35
TSTCL Top Spec TopChop Lite £10.31
TSANTI TopSpec Antilam £26.95
Mite Kill ready Total Mite Kill Ready to use Solution £8.29
Traditional Shiatsu Traditional Shiatsu For Horses P.O.A.
INSP-022 Transisterised Relay £36.55
TSPC-001 Transparent Shelter Pen Cover £95.00
HOLD-001 Tray Holder For Game Inserts £14.00
HYTR-001 Traywash (20 Litres) £39.15
SIGN-005 Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted £7.65
Trigger Hook Trigger Hook P.O.A.
TRIZONE ALLSRT BTS Trizone Allsports Boot £31.25
DSPA-022 Tube Grip - 412727 £0.58
DSPA-001 Tubing 100ft 412787 pvc £15.89
TubTrug-Medium TubTrug-Medium 26 litres P.O.A.
TubTrug-Shallow 15L TubTrug-Shallow 15 litres P.O.A.
TubTrug-Small TubTrug-Small 14 litres P.O.A.
TUFFA EASY PEASY PO Tuffa Easy Peasy Pull on Chaps P.O.A.
Tuffa Steel Toe Tuffa Steel Toe Riding Boots P.O.A.
STRY-005 Turkey/Duck Set Tray (93 Egg) £15.00
INSP-003 Turner Actuator £172.00
INSP-036 Turning Relay £17.63
INSP-033 Turning Trolley £1,050.00
INSP-040 Turning Unit £350.00