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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
DSPA-008 S' Hook 412566 £0.29
BSPA-028 Sa Filter £9.68
BSPA-019A Sa Hose Pack (No Regulator) £4.50
BSPA-019 Sa Hose Pack, Regulator, Hose & Clips £18.45
BSPA-028A SA New Low Clean Airfilter £17.44
BSPA-019B Sa Regulator £14.85
BSPA-030 SA Suspension Chain Set £4.10
BSPA-018 Sa Thermocouple £8.06
BSPA-002 Sa2 Ceramic £9.72
BSPA-004 Sa2 Flame Failure Valve £34.20
BSPA-005 Sa2 Gasket £2.50
BSPA-003 Sa2 Gauze £8.33
BSPA-001 Sa2 Jet £3.86
BSPA-007 Sa4 Ceramic £16.18
BSPA-009 Sa4 Flame Failure Valve £34.20
BSPA-010 Sa4 Gasket Set £2.93
BSPA-008 Sa4 Gauze £13.10
BSPA-006 Sa4 Jet £3.86
BSPA-011 Sa4 Thermostat £40.50
BSPA-013 Sa8 Ceramic £22.49
BSPA-015 Sa8 Flame Failure Valve £34.20
BROD-004 Sa8 Gas Brooder Complete £110.70
BSPA-016 Sa8 Gasket £3.24
BSPA-014 Sa8 Gauze £16.79
BSPA-012 Sa8 Jet £3.86
DSPA-005 Saddle Connector 412747 £1.22
Trad Saddle Rack Saddle Rack P.O.A.
Sanicat Cat Litter Sanicat Antibacterial Cat Litter £4.16
Sausage boot Sausage boot £4.95
SCHOOLING WHIP Schooling Whip P.O.A.
TRAP-007 Scissor Mole Trap £3.47
SNIN-001 Screw In Insulators Pack of 20 £8.30
DIYH-002 Set of 3 Hopper Legs £4.95
FEED-003 Set of feet for Eco/Handy Feeder £1.24
LOFT-001 Set of five 5ft Lofting Pole £36.75
S/HC-001 SH3-1 Setter/Hatcher Combined £1,400.00
S/HC-002 SH6-2 Setter/Hatcher Combined £2,200.00
SHAV-001 Shavings 20kg bale £8.00
SF Buttermere Hat Sherwood Forest Buttermere Hat £4.13
SF DARWEN HAT Sherwood Forest Darwen Hat £5.79
SF newlandsock Sherwood Forest Newland Socks £6.46
SHIRES TEMPEST 200TO Shires 200g Tempest Turn Out P.O.A.
AVIGN Shires Avignon Comfort Bridle £45.00
CHD-BALL END SPRS Shires Children Ball End Spur P.O.A.
Shires Comb Spurs Shires Comb Spurs P.O.A.
Shires Fluoro Exerc Shires Fluorescent Exercise Sheet P.O.A.
SHRS FLY MASK Shires Fly Mask P.O.A.
SHRS FLY MASK EARS Shires Fly Mask with Ears P.O.A.
SHRS FULL FACE EARS Shires Full Face Fly Mask with Ears P.O.A.
SHIRES-GS Shires Girth Sleeve Acrilan Wool P.O.A.
SHRS KDS POLKA TIE Shires Kids Polka Dot Tie P.O.A.
SHIRESNORFOLK Shires Mens Norfolk Riding Boots P.O.A.
Syn Noseband Sleeve Shires Noseband Sleeve £4.17
SHIRES 100 STABLE Shires Tempest 100g Stable Rug P.O.A.
SHRS 4 SEASONS Shires Tempest 4 Seasons Rug P.O.A.
SHIRSHOEBOOTS Shires Temporary Shoe Boot P.O.A.
Shires Fleece Square Shires Traditional Travel Boots P.O.A.
SHRSTRAVELMATE Shires Travelmates Travel Boots P.O.A.
SHIRE WEB GIRTH Shires Web Girth P.O.A.
Wessexpurpheadcollar Shires Wessex Purple Headcollar Set P.O.A.
SIGN-002 Shooting In Progress Keep Out £7.65
DSPA-034 Shut Off Saddle Connector £1.79
DSPA-006 Side Outlet 412812 £2.93
Side Saddle Book Side-Saddle Guide P.O.A.
PD-005 Sillosocks Hypa Flap £26.10
SNGC-001 Single Game Carrier £9.86
HTDO-001 Single Hatcher Dollie £160.00
Skinneeez Plush Toy Skineeez Plush Toy £5.83
SKCR Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Crunchy £21.99
SKDR Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Duck and Rice £24.50
SKMTN Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Maintenance £18.99
SKMSL Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Muesli Mix £18.99
SKTR Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Turkey Joint Aid £35.69
Small Body Brush Small Body Brush P.O.A.
Small Dandy Brush Small Dandy Brush P.O.A.
FBX31 Small Flake Wood Shavings £7.19
Small pet dish Small Pet Dish £1.66
SMRT TAILS FINE RAKE Smart Tails Rake Fine Black P.O.A.
Brushes Smart Tails Rake Medium yellow P.O.A.
SMX MERINO WOOL GRT SMx Girth with Removable Merino Wool P.O.A.
PC DRSG GIRTH SMx Professional's Choice Dressage Girth P.O.A.
SMX PRO CHOICE GIRTH SMx Professional's Choice Girth P.O.A.
INSP-011 Solenoid Valve £76.80
Grooming Solo Comb P.O.A.
HYSO-001 Solulyte 1 Litre £8.24
SP Hormonise SP Equine Hormonise P.O.A.
SP NaviLam O SP Equine NaviLam 'O' P.O.A.
SP Equine No Bute SP Equine No Bute P.O.A.
SP Tranquil E SP Equine Tranquil E P.O.A.
Fluorescent Hat Cove Spartan Fluorescent Hat Cover £12.19
Spring Balance Spring Balance P.O.A.
ALRM-001 Spring Operated Alarm Gun £11.66
TRAP-005 Springer No 4 Rat Trap £6.75
TRAP-006 Springer No 6 Rabbit/Mink Trap £7.97
Stain & odour remove Stain & Odour Remover £5.79
Stainless Bowl XL Stainless Dog Bowl Extra Large £4.16
Stainless Bowl L Stainless Dog Bowl Large £3.33
Stainless Bowl M Stainless Dog Bowl Medium £2.49
Stainless Bowl S Stainless Dog or Cat Bowl Small £1.66
STANDINGATT Standing Martingale Attachment P.O.A.
star clippers Star Clippers £249.17
Startinendurance Starting Endurance Riding P.O.A.
PD-004 Stealth 2ply Cammo Net £18.75
DSPA-026 Stem only-411782 £1.72
Step 'n' Carry Step 'n' Carry Grooming Box £16.63
step n carry box Step 'n' Carry Grooming Box P.O.A.
Stock pin Stock Pin P.O.A.
WIRE-007 Straining Wire 2.5mm 500 metres Roll £27.90
SIGN-004 Stray Dogs Will Be Shot £8.50
EZ CNTRL BIT Stubben EZ-Control Bit £41.63
GLDN WNGS BIT Stubben Golden Wings Snaffle Bit £48.31
HAMANOL Stubben Hamanol Leather Feed P.O.A.
LIMERCK BRDL Stubben Limerick Flash Bridle £108.33
STBBN PLN BRDL Stubben Limerick Plain Bridle £106.63
stud kit in box Stud kit in box £17.49
Suet Log feeder Suet Log Feeder £3.33
Surcingles Surcingle P.O.A.
INSP-002 Swivel Castor £9.95