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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
TRAP-002 Rabbit Cage Trap £23.00
HYRP-009 Racan Dife Block Bait Rat & Mouse killer 10 Blocks £7.50
HYRP-011 Racan Dife Grain Bait Rat & Mouse Killer 6 Sachets £7.09
HYRP-010 Racan force Grain Bait 6 Sachets £7.92
HYRP-008 Racan Force Paste Rat Poison 15 Sachets £7.92
HYRP-007A Racan Rapid Mouse Killer Paste Bait 24 Sachets £12.46
HYRP-007 Racan rapid Mouse Killer Station & Sachets £8.76
RS PROVENT 3.0 Racesafe Provent 3.0 P.O.A.
RS2010 AD L Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult L) P.O.A.
RS2010 AD M Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult M) P.O.A.
RS2010 AD S Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult S) P.O.A.
RS2010 AD XL Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult XL) P.O.A.
RS2010 AD XS Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Adult XS) P.O.A.
RS2010 CH L Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Child L) P.O.A.
RS2010 CH M Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Child M) P.O.A.
RS2010 CH XL Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector (Child XL) P.O.A.
BR Anti Bac Jelly Radiol BR Anti Bac Jelly 40g £2.92
Rambo Rug Repair Kit Rambo Rug Repair Kit P.O.A.
TRPH-001 Re-Entry Pophole - With Flaps £11.96
Headcollarset Red and Navy Nylon Headcollar Set P.O.A.
Refill waste bags Refill Waste Pick-up Bags £4.16
Spats Reflective Spats £4.17
Reflective Whip Reflective Whip P.O.A.
Rein Stops Rein Stops (per pair) P.O.A.
Riding & Roadcraft Riding & Roadcraft P.O.A.
BRAL-002 Ring Brailes Cock £9.00
BRAL-001 Ring Brailes Hen £9.00
BRAL-003 Ring Brailes Partridge (P/100) £9.00
Rockfish short Rockfish Short Wellies P.O.A.
Rockfish Wellies Rockfish Wellies P.O.A.
Rodent w squeaker Rodent With Squeaker £5.83
Roma buzz away mask Roma Buzz Away Fly Mask £9.99
Roma Fluorescent Bri Roma Fluorescent Bridle Kit P.O.A.
Roma Rug Bib Roma Rug Bib £13.33
Roma Satin Guard Roma Satin Shoulder Guard P.O.A.
Roma Stretch Hood Roma Stretch Hood P.O.A.
Roma stretch nylon Roma Stretch Nylon P.O.A.
BEWS-003 Rotamaid Egg Washer Element £16.50
RMGRN Rowen & Barbury Ready Fibre Mash £11.46
RMBLU Rowen & Barbury Ready Mash £13.60
RMRED Rowen & Barbury Ready Mash Extra £15.96
Rubber Chicken Toy Rubber Chicken Toy £5.83
Plaiting Bands Rubber Plaiting Bands P.O.A.
Rubber Stall Chain Rubber Stall Chain P.O.A.
Rubber Treads Rubber Treads P.O.A.
Rubber Tyre Skip Rubber Tyre Skip Small P.O.A.
RUNNINGATT Running Martingale Attachment P.O.A.
Russels Crunchers Russel's Crunchers Rabbit Size Treats £1.75
Rabbit Food 2.5kg Russel's Rabbit Food 2.5kg £3.58
Hay rack Russle Rabbit Hay Rack £4.17