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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
CLTG-003 P.P3 Clic Tags £6.50
CLTG-006 P.P6 Clic Tags £6.50
CLTG-008 P.P8 Clic Tags £6.50
CLTG-009 P.P9 Clic Tags £6.50
P.S.O.B.Irons P.S.O.B. Irons P.O.A.
Suet logs x6 Pack of 6 Suet Logs £1.63
Rawhide bones Pack of Rawhide Bones £5.21
PANIC CLIP Panic Clip P.O.A.
INST-003 Partridge Insert-Fawn (115 Egg) £3.50
Peacock Irons Peacock Irons P.O.A.
Peacock Leathers Peacock Leathers (per pair) P.O.A.
Rings Peacock Ring (Pair) P.O.A.
PGSC Pegasus Cubes £5.99
PGSM Pegasus Mix £6.99
INSP-039 Ph 28 Fan £39.37
TRAP-008 Pheasant Catcher £79.99
INST-002 Pheasant Insert-Blue (77 Large Eggs) £3.50
INST-001 Pheasant Insert-Green (86 Egg) £3.50
STRY-001 Pheasant Setting Tray(203 Egg) £19.00
PD-010A Pigeon Flocked Full Bodied Feeding £5.96
PD-010 Pigeon Flocked Full Bodied Upright £5.96
TRPT-001 Pigeon Trap (Large) £86.39
Plastic Boot Jack Plastic Boot Jack P.O.A.
Broom Plastic Broom and Handle 18 inch P.O.A.
CBXP-003 Plastic Chick Box (Four Compartment) £16.95
CBXP-004 Plastic Chick Box Lid (Four Comp) £10.95
Grooming Plastic Covered Hoof Pick P.O.A.
Grooming Plastic Hoof Oil Brush and Cap P.O.A.
PPWC-011 Plastic Hose Union Tap 1/2inch £10.70
PPWC-011A Plastic House Union Tap 3/4inch £15.05
CRTE-001 Plastic Poult Crate £40.00
DSPA-009 Plastic Slide Height Adj 411481 £0.23
Thinning Comb Plastic Thinning Comb P.O.A.
SIGN-011 Please Keep Dogs On Leads £8.50
SNCM-003 Pocket Telescopic Cartridge Magnet £8.00
TRAP-010 Poison Hopper Anti D/Mse Door £14.00
Polite Leg Bands Polite Leg Bands Equisafety £10.83
TRAP-012 Portatunnel with Mark 4 rat trap £17.60
STPF-002 Position Finder (1-12) £20.58
HYPP-001 Potassium Permanganate (450g) £8.80
BOOK-006 Poultry House Construction Book £11.50
Preston tug toy Preston Tug Toy £5.82
POW SPURS Prince of Wales Spurs P.O.A.
SIGN-012 Private Fishing £8.50
SIGN-010 Private Land Keep Off Sign £8.50
SIGN-006 Private No Admittance Sign £8.50
SIGN-001 Private No Entry £8.50
SIGN-009 Private No Fishing £8.50
PD-001 Pro-motion Rotary Decoy Machine £70.83
PC CLINICIAN HALTER Professional's Choice Clinician Halter with Rope P.O.A.
PC DELUXE HALTER Professional's Choice Deluxe Halter with Lead Rope P.O.A.
PC HALTER ROPE W 10" Professional's Choice Halter Rope with 10' Lead P.O.A.
PC ELITE BOOTS SALE Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots £47.50
Prochoicetailwrap Professional's Choice Tail Wrap P.O.A.
CURB CUSHION Prolite Curb Cushion £10.83
FRONT RISER Prolite Front Riser Adjustable P.O.A.
REAR RISER Prolite Rear Riser Adjustable P.O.A.
RELIEF PAD Prolite Relief Pad £40.83
PROLITE WITHER PAD Prolite Wither Pad P.O.A.
ProPell Plus ProPell Plus 946ml P.O.A.
PUFFA BARKSTONE ARM Puffa Barkstone Armwarmers £9.46
Bramfield Breeches Puffa Bramfield Breeches £62.50
Puffa trapper hat Puffa Trapper Hat £8.29