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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
LDS-PLASTIC-SPR Ladies Plastic Roller Spurs P.O.A.
SHRS-RLLRBL-SPRS Ladies Roller Ball Spurs P.O.A.
Lameness Lameness P.O.A.
Laminated Dress test Laminated Dressage Test P.O.A.
SNLH-001 Larder Hooks (Pack of 10) £9.86
BEWS-001 Large Egg Washer Filter £11.58
Grooming Large Plastic Curry Comb P.O.A.
TRLM-002 Larssen Magpie Trap Side Entry £80.58
TRLM-001A Larssen Trap Fold Flat Top Entry £51.30
LE CHAM BOOT BAG Le Chameau Boot Bag P.O.A.
CHASSEUR NEO Le Chameau Chasseur Neoprene Lining Boot P.O.A.
VIERZONORD Le Chameau Vierzonord P.O.A.
Leather foal hc Leather Foal Headcollar P.O.A.
Leather Hole Punch Leather Hole Punch P.O.A.
MH-LTHER-SPR-STRP Leather Spur Straps P.O.A.
Life guard cider vin Life-Guard Apple Cider Vinegar £5.50
Life-Guard garlic Life-Guard Garlic Granules £4.58
Life-guard seaweed Life-Guard Seaweed £4.13
Clipper Oil Lister Clipper Oil 250ml P.O.A.
Lister Liberty Lister Liberty Popular Pack P.O.A.
Litter Freshner Litter Freshner £1.04
Long life lead Long Life Lead Rope P.O.A.
Loop Ring Lozenge Loop Ring Lozenge P.O.A.
Loop Ring Snaffle Loop Ring Snaffle P.O.A.
French Link Loose Ri Loose Ring French Link (Thin) P.O.A.
Loose Ring Lozenge Loose Ring Lozenge P.O.A.
Hollow Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle (Thick) P.O.A.
Loose Ring Snaffle Loose Ring Snaffle (Thin) P.O.A.
MINI JODS Loveson Childs Mini Jodhpurs £13.29
LUNGE WHIP Lunge Whip P.O.A.