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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
Dummy TR02 Hand 1/2lb throwing toggle £5.21
SNTC-001 Hand Tally Counter £4.95
Hand Throwing Dummy Hand Throwing Dummy 1lb £5.97
Handy Hanger Handy Hanger P.O.A.
DSPA-011 Hanger Strap 411898 £0.24
DSPA-010 Hanging Cord (30m) 411496 £8.09
Hanging veg holder Hanging Veg Holder £12.49
Hard Rubber Pelham Hard Rubber Pelham P.O.A.
HARPLEY HAIRNET Harpley Hairnet Heavyweight Pkt of 2 P.O.A.
harringtonstreats Harringtons Sensitive Dog Treats £1.80
HBLE-001 Hatcher Element (37m) £25.12
HTRY-001 Hatcher Tray £17.00
FOAM-001 Hatcher Tray Foam Liners (Packs 100) £27.00
HTRY-002 Hatcher Tray Lid £17.75
Floor Paint Hatchery Floor Paint P.O.A.
SWCE-007 Hatchery Plastic Overshoe £4.35
Haynet Haynet with rings P.O.A.
ROTA-001 Hazard Warning Light - Amber £28.80
ROTA-002 Hazard Warning Light - Green £28.80
ROTA-004 Hazard Warning Light - Red £28.80
HYHD-001 HD3 (5 Litre) £9.68
PD-017 Head Down Sillosocks Decoy £3.38
PD-016 Head up Sillosocks Pigeon Decoy £3.38
INSP-026 Heating Element 700w £42.00
SNCN-002 Heavy Duty Catch Net Only £13.50
Hedgehog Slicker Hedgehog Slicker Grooming Brush £5.42
HENCC Henrys Chick Crumb 20kg £8.95
HENLM Henrys Layers Meal £7.20
HENLP Henrys Layers Pellets £7.20
HENMC Henrys Mixed Corn £6.55
HNTSTC FORAGING CAKE Hentastic Foraging Cake £1.46
SMART START FEEDER Hentastic Smart Start Feeder £5.83
SMART START TREATS Hentastic Smart Start Treats £3.33
STDH-001 Heron Scarer £19.76
Hibiscrub Hibiscrub P.O.A.
HOGP-001 Hog Ring Pliers £27.00
HOGR-001 Hog Ring Staples £6.30
BFHL-001 Home Loader & Blank £15.50
Homeopathybook Homeopathy P.O.A.
RM BRIGHT HOOF PICK Hoof Pick and Brush P.O.A.
H+P Sticker Book Horse and Pony Sticker Book P.O.A.
Castle haynet large Horsehage Net Large (Standard) P.O.A.
Horsemans 1 Step Horsemans 1 Step £6.80
HL Stake 47ES2 Hotline 1m Earth Stake £4.99
HL Tester 47P70 Hotline 6 Lite Fencing Tester £14.42
HL Paddock Rope 47C5 Hotline 6mm 6 Strand Paddock Rope £41.15
HL Battery 47P32S-90 Hotline 9v Saline and Alkaline Battery £27.75
HL Clamp 47C73-2 Hotline Double Tape Connector Clamp £7.25
HL Sign 47P40 Hotline Electric Fence Warning Sign £3.65
HL Reel 47P25-500 Hotline Electric Tape Reel Large £35.54
HL Rope Gate 47P59 Hotline Electro Rope Gate and Fixings £18.50
HL Tape Gate 47P56 Hotline Electro Tape Gate and Fixings £13.60
SNGW-001 Hotline Galvanised Wire 200m £23.36
SNGW-002 Hotline Galvanised Wire 400m £45.62
FENC-008 Hotline Gemini 80 Energiser £99.27
HL Horse 47HK100-100 Hotline Horse Starter Fencing Kit £128.55
HL Tester 47KV10 Hotline KV Electric Fencing Tester £19.50
HL Ins 47C37SO-20 Hotline Offset Insulator 150mm £17.99
HL Handle 47C17 Hotline Paddock Gate Handle £1.85
HL Post 47CP14H Hotline Paddock Post 1.4m £58.96
HL Paddock T 47C43-2 Hotline Paddock Tape 20mm 200m £19.50
HL Reel 47P25-300 Hotline Plastic Electric Fencing Reel 300m £23.10
HL H Section Post Hotline Plastic Post 3ft (Pack of 10) £21.70
HL Poultry 47PK50 Hotline Poultry Kit 50m £249.35
HL Handle 47P17 Hotline Premier Gate Handle £2.72
HL Reel Post 47PR2 Hotline Reel Corner Post £23.45
FENC-001 Hotline Shrike Energiser £73.22
FENC-005 Hotline Super Hobby Energiser £104.90
HL Wire 47P21-250 Hotline Supercharge 6 Strand Wire 250m £18.18
HL 47P21-500 Wire Hotline Supercharge 6 Strand Wire 500m £35.20
HL Buckle 47CB20-5 Hotline Tape Fixing Buckle 20mm £4.75
HL Buckle 47CB40-5 Hotline Tape Fixing Buckle 40mm £7.29
HL Tape Tense 47P99 Hotline Tape Tensioner Insulator £4.25
HL Turbo 47TC43-2 Hotline Turbo Tape 20mm 200m £37.85
HL Turbo 47TC46G-2 Hotline Turbo Tape 40mm 200m Green £59.50
HL TurboT 47TC49-1 Hotline Turbocharge Tape 10mm 100m £12.35
HL Turbo 47TC41-2 Hotline Turbocharge Tape 10mm 200m £20.50
R3H-001 Housing for warning light £2.70
GH HS1 SKULL HS1 Skull Hat P.O.A.
INSP-023 Humidity Nozzle Complete £34.67
THRM-021 Humidity Thermometer 75-95 Deg £77.70
INSP-024 Humidity Tip £3.68
INSP-004A Humidity wick probe (5m) £13.56
INSP-004 Humidity Wick Thermometer (5m) £13.56
Cage spray cleaner Hutch & Cage Cleaner £3.33
Hydrophane Cribox Hydrophane Cribox 225g P.O.A.
HYHY-002 Hyperox (20 litres) £60.66
HYHY-001 Hyperox (5 litres) £17.06