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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
DRKP-009D G89 Pipe/Hose Connector £0.76
DRKP-009E G89 Spring £0.76
DRKP-009C G89 Yellow Top £2.84
Gag Cheeks Gag Cheeks P.O.A.
DRGV-002 galvanised drinker 1gal/4.45ltrs £28.00
GNET-001 Game Net 1.2mts (100m Roll) £63.00
GNET-002 Game Net 1.52mts (100m Roll) £71.10
GNET-004 Game Net 2mtrs (100m Roll) £89.10
HYGB-001 Gamebird Tonic 1 ltr £11.25
BGAS-001 Gasolec Game 5 Gas Brooder Complete £135.00
BROD-002 Gasolec SA2 Gas Brooder Complete £91.80
BROD-003 Gasolec SA4 Gas Brooder Complete £94.50
Gatehouse H.S.1 Snel Gatehouse H.S.1 Snell E2001 £112.50
BROD-016 GB4-T Gas Brooder FF - Mod Thermostat £202.50
BROD-017 GB6-T Gas Brooder FF - Mod Thermostat £213.30
Shires Gel Wrap Gel Leg Wrap P.O.A.
German Training Aid German Training Aid (Bungee) P.O.A.
Guinea pig muesli Gerty Guinea Pig Complete Muesli 2.5kg £4.12
Gertys crunchers Gerty's Cruchers- Guinea Pig Treats £1.75
Voucher Gift Voucher P.O.A.
Girth Guard Girth Guard P.O.A.
Globe Pelham Globe Pelham P.O.A.
Glucosamine 10,000 + Glucosamine 10,000 + MSM 900g P.O.A.
Stock Shampoo Gold Label Herbal Stock Shampoo P.O.A.
GL Iodine Gold label Iodine Spray P.O.A.
GL Mane & Tail Gold Label Mane, Tail and Coat Lotion £5.50
Stock Shampoo Gold Label Medicated Stock Shampoo £4.13
PIG OIL SPRAY Gold Label Pig Oil Spray P.O.A.
GL Purple spray Gold Label Purple Spray 250ml P.O.A.
GL Stockholm Tar Gold Label Stockholm Tar £5.79
GL Tea Tree Mist Gold Label TeaTree Mist plus MSM P.O.A.
Stock Shampoo Gold Label TeaTree Stock Shampoo P.O.A.
GL WONDER GEL Gold Label Wonder Gel P.O.A.
Conformation book Guide on Conformation P.O.A.
BOOK-002 Guineafowl Past & Present Book £8.55
GUMLEAF ROYAL ZIP Gumleaf Royal Zip Wellies P.O.A.
SAXON WELLIES Gumleaf Saxon Wellies P.O.A.
VIKING BOOTS Gumleaf Viking Boots P.O.A.
STND-001 Gun Stand Cards
(1-10) Set Of 8
STND-002 Gun Stand Cards
(1-10) Per Set