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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
STDF-001 Falcon Scarer £22.86
INSP-027 Fan Motor For H6, H10, H12, 920rpm £271.32
INSP-031 Fan Motor For S18, H20, H30, S60, H60 £299.67
INSP-029 Fan Motor For S90, S108, S180, S216 £336.21
INSP-028 Fan On Frame: Heaters & Plug £513.15
INSP-030 Fan On Frame: Heaters & Plug £566.24
INSP-032 Fan On Frame: Heaters & Plug £513.15
HYFF-001 Farm Fluid now Virkon L S P (5Ltrs) £33.16
INSP-041 Farm Trolleys P.O.A.
BOOK-007 Farming and Smallholder Fencing Book £10.00
Farriers Formula Farriers Formula P.O.A.
FEDA-007 Feeder Nozzle £1.95
Feedsbook Feeds and Feeding Guide P.O.A.
Foam Pad Felt Foam Pad 12 x 18 (Fibergee) P.O.A.
Foam Pad Felt Foam Pad 16 x 22 (Fibergee) P.O.A.
Foam Pad Felt Foam Pad 18 x 18 (Fibergee) P.O.A.
WIRE-006 Fencing Pliers £11.36
TRAP-001 Feral Cat Cage Trap £44.96
Fetlock Scissors Fetlock Scissors P.O.A.
Filet Baucher Filet Baucher P.O.A.
Filet Baucher French Filet Baucher French Link P.O.A.
FILLISTRD Fillis Iron Treads P.O.A.
Fillis Irons Fillis Irons P.O.A.
DSPA-025 Filter Disc-411777 £0.33
DSPA-021 Filter Top Compression 412767 £0.79
Flash Converter Flash Converter P.O.A.
flea and tick shampo Flea and Tick Shampoo £4.16
flea clear large Flea Clear Spot On (Large Dogs) £4.38
flea clear medium Flea Clear Spot On (Medium Dogs) £4.04
flea clear small Flea Clear Spot On (Small Dogs) £3.67
Breaking Roller Fleece Lined Breaking Roller with Girth P.O.A.
Flexi jointed eggbut Flexi Jointed Eggbut Snaffle £20.83
Flexi Jointed Loose Flexi Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle £14.76
PD-010B Flocked Coated Shell Pigeon £3.96
Pet Coll Bowl L Floral Pet Dish Large £4.99
smll flral food dish Floral Pet Dish Small £3.33
Foam Pad Foam Pad 10 x 12 (Fibergee) P.O.A.
fox poo shampoo Fox Poo Shampoo £4.16
TRAP-009 Fox Trap £65.00
FWIR-002 Fox Wire With Fixed Stops £1.45
French Eggbutt French Eggbutt Snaffle P.O.A.
Frequently asked questions P.O.A.
Freshbreathedogtreat Fresh Breath Dog Treats £2.75
Full Cheek Eggbutt Full Cheek Eggbutt P.O.A.
Full Cheek French Full Cheek French Link P.O.A.
Fulmer French Link Fulmer French Link P.O.A.
Fulmer Loops Fulmer Loops per pair P.O.A.
Fulmer Snaffle Fulmer Snaffle P.O.A.
FCT Fumigation cabinet P.O.A.
Mucka Fyna-lite Mini Mucka Fork P.O.A.
Fork Fyna-lite Muck Fork (Long Handle) P.O.A.
Fork Fyna-lite Muck Fork (Short Handle) P.O.A.
Fork Fyna-lite Multi Fork (Short Handle) P.O.A.