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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
DAND-001 Dander/Fluff Trap £375.00
SIGN-013 Danger Keep Out Sign £7.65
Danish Design Catbed Danish Design Cosy Bed £17.46
Danish Tweed Bed L Danish Design Tweed Bed Large £41.63
Danish Tweed Bed M Danish Design Tweed Bed Medium £29.96
Danish Tweed Bed S Danish Design Tweed Bed Small £23.29
Decahedron Decahedron 10 inch (Large ) P.O.A.
FEDA-011 Deer Guard £3.33
DALFAL Dengie Alfa A Lite £12.38
DALFAMF Dengie Alfa A Molasses Free £13.82
DALFAOIL Dengie Alfa A Oil £14.31
DALFAO Dengie Alfa a Original £12.47
DNGHHMF Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free £13.50
DNGNT Dengie Healthy Tummy P.O.A.
DHFL Dengie HiFi Lite £10.71
DHIFIMF Dengie Hifi Molassse Free £11.12
DHIFIO Dengie HiFi Original with Apple £11.25
Derma Shampoo Derma Shampoo £4.16
Dermoline Shampoo Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo 500ml P.O.A.
Medicated Shampoo Dermoline Medicated Shampoo 500ml P.O.A.
DEVER GIRTH Dever Comfort Girth P.O.A.
Peanut Feeder Discovery Peanut Feeder £2.12
Discovery seed feede Discovery Seed Feeder £2.17
DH16+ Dodson & Horrell 16 Plus mix £13.05
DHPAS Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix £11.12
Dog Agility hurdle Dog Agility Hurdle £20.83
Dog weaving poles Dog Agility Weaving Poles £21.66
Dog treat bag Dog Treat Bag £3.13
dogs body shampoo Dogs body Shampoo £4.16
DRKP-015H Dome Master Base Spring £0.57
DRKP-015 Dome Master Drinker £8.99
DRKP-015C Dome Master Filter £0.46
DRKP-015F Dome Master Red Valve Nut £0.30
DRKP-015D Dome Master Valve Spring £0.39
DRKP-015E Dome Master Valve Washer & Pin £0.39
DRKP-015G Dome Master Yellow Drinker Valve £0.47
CBXD-002 Double Chick Box £67.50
KM elite double clip Double Ended Clip P.O.A.
doublefeedingbowls Double Feeding Bowls £2.49
SNGC-002 Double Game Carrier £11.66
HTDO-001 Double Hatcher Dollie £180.00
Double sided comb Double Sided Comb £4.38
DRJGD Dr John Gold 15kg £11.50
DRJSV Dr John Silver 15kg £10.49
DRJHYPO Dr Johns Hypoallergenic £16.49
DRSSGE REINS PNY Dressage Reins 1/2 inch Pony P.O.A.
DRSSGE REINS FULL Dressage Reins 5/8 inch Full P.O.A.
DRST-001 Drinker & Feeder Stand £6.75
Dually Truck Dually Truck-2610 £49.99
DUBLIN ELEVATION Dublin Elevation Jodhpur Boots P.O.A.
DUBLINMERIDIAN Dublin Meridian Gaiters P.O.A.
PINNACLE Dublin Pinnacle Boots P.O.A.
DLN PLAID RIVER BOOT Dublin River Boot Plaid P.O.A.
RIVER BOOT Dublin River Boots P.O.A.
SLENDER JODS Dublin Slender Jodhpurs P.O.A.
SUPA EMBRACE Dublin Supa Embrace Breeches P.O.A.
SUPA SHAPE IT Dublin Supa Shape It Breeches P.O.A.
SUPAFIT Dublin Supafit Jodhpurs £20.00
DUBLINZIPRIVER Dublin Zip River Boots P.O.A.
BOOK-004 Ducks and Geese at Home Book £9.00
Dutch Gag Dutch Gag P.O.A.
Dutch Gag French Dutch Gag French Link P.O.A.