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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

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Code Name Price
CTIE-001 Cable Ties 100mm - 4inch £2.95
CTIE-002 Cable Ties 200mm - 8inch £1.98
CTIE-003 Cable Ties 365mm - 14.5inch £5.36
CTIE-004 Cable Ties 536mm - 21inch £12.83
CBET-001 Cardboard Egg Trays £14.85
CDM COAT SHINE Carr Day & Martin Canter Coat Shine P.O.A.
CDM Hoof Oil Carr Day & Martin Hoof Oil P.O.A.
CDM StainMaster Carr Day & Martin Stain Master P.O.A.
CDM Tar Carr Day & Martin Stockholm Tar P.O.A.
CarrotBowl Carrot Bowl £3.83
CASTLEGRASSREIN Caslte Grass Reins £7.08
GLOVES Castle Adult Magic Gloves £2.08
GLOVES Castle Childs Magic Gloves P.O.A.
Castle Dressage Poly Castle Dressage Polyquilt Numnah £13.29
CASTLEROPE Castle Lead Rope Cotton P.O.A.
Headcollar Castle Nylon Headcollar P.O.A.
Castle Web Muzzle Castle Nylon Web Muzzle £12.46
Auto Feeder Cat Cat Auto Feeder Tower £4.99
Auto Water Tower Cat Auto Water Tower £4.99
Cat Litter Scoop Cat Litter Scoop £1.17
Cat Litter Tray Cat Litter Tray £3.33
Litter Tray Liners Cat Litter Tray Liners £1.08
Cat stain remover Cat Stain & Odour Remover £5.79
SNCN-001 Catch Net - Complete £25.20
CDM MANE AND TAIL CDM Canter Mane and Tail Conditioner P.O.A.
CDM Cornucresine CDM Cornucresine Hoof Ointment 250ml P.O.A.
Leather Balsam CDM Leather Balsam P.O.A.
Tack Conditioner CDM Tack Conditioner P.O.A.
Chalk Block Chalk Block P.O.A.
Chalk Powder Chalk Powder 450grams P.O.A.
Champion Junior Plus Champion Junior Plus Jockey Helmet P.O.A.
Champion Freedom LL Champion Ladies Large Freedom Body Protector P.O.A.
Champion Freedom LM Champion Ladies Medium Freedom Body Protector P.O.A.
Champion Freedom LS Champion Ladies Small Freedom Body Protector P.O.A.
VENTAIR DELUXE Champion Ventair Deluxe Jockey Helmet P.O.A.
CO 4 STAR Charles Owen 4 Star P.O.A.
CO COMPETITOR Charles Owen Competitor P.O.A.
CO HAT CLEANER Charles owen Hat Cleaner £4.13
YOUNG RIDER SKULL Charles Owen Young Rider Vented Jockey P.O.A.
Cheek Guards Cheek Guards P.O.A.
Cheltenham Gag Cheltenham Gag P.O.A.
CBLN-001 Chick Box Liner £0.10
DRKB-008D Chick Ring £0.72
STRY-006 Chicken/Mallard Set Tray (132 Egg) £14.50
BOOK-003 Chickens at Home Book £9.45
Chifney Bit Chifney Bit P.O.A.
BFBM-006 Chunky B Bit - Soft £13.82
BFBM-005 Chunky B Bit - Standard £13.82
CIN/SPC CHICK STICKS Cinnamon and Spice Chick Sticks £1.63
Citronella No-rinse Citronella No-Rinse Wash £5.79
DRKB-011 Cleanflo Automatic Drinker £7.19
DRKB-011B Cleanflo Drinker Cover £3.02
DRKB-011A Cleanflo Drinker Stand £3.22
SPEX-002 Clip-On Spex Adult £8.19
SPEX-003 Clip-On-flexi-Spex - Laying Season Pheasant £8.19
BEWX-005 Compressor P.O.A.
BROD-022 Connecting Kit For GB-T Brooders £21.60
INSP-035 Contactor £41.97
INSP-038 Control Transformer £34.27
BITC-001 Conventional Loose Bits-Size A £8.78
BITC-002 Conventional Loose Bits-Size B £9.23
BITC-003 Conventional Loose Bits-Size C £12.42
STANCE Copra Coolstance £21.95
Cork Screw Tether Cork Screw Tether £2.96
Corn n grit treat Corn 'n' Grit Treat £2.16
CDM Cornucresine 500 Cornucresine Daily Hoof Ointment 500ml P.O.A.
CORR-001 Corrugated Paper 2ft x 75m £24.00
CORR-002 Corrugated Paper 3ft x 75m £29.00
CORR-003 Corrugated Paper 4ft x 75m £39.00
Cortaflex 454g Cortaflex 454g P.O.A.
Cortaflex 908g Cortaflex 908g P.O.A.
Cortaflex HA Solutio Cortaflex HA Solution 946ml P.O.A.
CTNPMPLGLVS Cotton Pimple Gloves Castle P.O.A.
Course Companion Pre Course Companion Prelim Teaching £11.99
Cowboy Magic Detang Cowboy Magic Detangler P.O.A.
Cowboy Magic Greensp Cowboy Magic Greenspot 946ml P.O.A.
Cowboy Magic Rose Sh Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo P.O.A.
Coxmoor Stalker Sock Coxmoor Stalker Wool Socks P.O.A.
Crunchy biscuit meal Crunchy Biscuit Meal for Dogs 2.5kg £3.00